About us

Our Vision:

Improving human life globally through the spread of beautiful Vietnamese handicraft products.

Simply put, we are an established Vietnamese wholesaler of handicraft products for home decor.

However, we believe there is a lot more to us than just this. At Artex Nam An, we come to work everyday because we want to be active in providing sustainable alternatives to home decoration and storage. Our natural products are transformative with their beautiful designs and display of true craftsmanship. We focus on bringing a modern touch to an ancient craft. From our designs, order process and customer care we try and utilize today's technology to provide the best possible experience for you.

We are committed to establishing partnerships around the world.  With an astounding 80% of our business being from repeat customers we want to develop long term relationships that will have a positive impact for everyone. From the artisan making the products all the way to the person proudly displaying the product in their home. We believe that to be truly successful that everyone should benefit.