Our company information

Artex Nam An is an Exporter of Fashion & Home Decor Handicrafts from Vietnam providing customers with a wide range of products focusing on Handbags, Vases, Baskets, and Trays. But that’s not all about us. We also design our products and customize the designs based on our customers’ requirements. It is worth noting that OEM service is warmly welcomed for those who are interested in our Handbags.

While handicraft may be a centuries old craft, we understand the importance that technology has on manufacturing and global distribution. This is why Artex is a leader in handicraft development as we find new ways to integrate technological advances in our process. From digital sample creation to utilizing QR code technology to improve logistics, we aren’t afraid of using technology if it can improve the value we can add to our customers. By applying technology in our process and supplying our customers with sustainable products, we believe that we can one day fulfill our vision.

Our vision is to improve human life globally through the spread of beautiful Vietnamese handicraft products.

Our core values

1. Sustainability

This is most evident in our products - they are all made from natural materials as our commitment to global sustainable development.

Besides, we also ensure that our partners are meeting the global initiative to provide ethical workers rights to the artisans making your products as they all hold the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) Certificate.

2. Passion

Artex Nam An encompasses a young and passionate team of connecting Vietnamese handicrafts with the world.

At Artex Nam An, we come to work every day because we want to be active in providing sustainable alternatives to home decoration and storage.

3. Strong professional partnerships

This is evident in 80% of our order volume being from repeat customers. Besides, we also focus on building long-term relationships with our local Vietnamese factories and their highly skilled artisans.

They have enabled us to do our best to contribute to accomplish our goals and contribute to global development.

Our story

We established Artex Nam An in 2013 with the initial purpose to help better the lives of Vietnamese farmers and artisans. The factors leading to that purpose are the decline of traditional craft villages and the poverty the local farmers were facing in 2012. That time, our founders have felt the urge to do something to better the situation and the way they choose is to export handicrafts made from natural materials that local farmers can grow.

Through years of development, we realize the greater values that these handicrafts can bring to not only the local but also the global community. Made from natural materials like bamboo, seagrass, water hyacinth and rattan, our handicrafts are environmentally friendly as they are not likely to cause any harm to the environment during their decomposition. Besides, they also bring great inspirational value to worldwide consumers through their unique design and craft.

As Artex Nam An continue to grow and prosper in the future, we trust that together with our customers and partners, we can jointly contribute to the development of both local and global community.

What makes Artex Nam An the best handicraft home decor wholesaler?

Sustainable Products

With a commitment to our global community our sustainable products are made from natural materials from local Vietnamese Artisans.


Established Partnerships

With our strong established partnerships with local manufacturers we are able to secure the best prices and manage the product quality for you.


Global Shipping

We provide delivery for our products worldwide by sea or air. With customers on almost every continent we will have no trouble getting you the products you need.


BSCI Certified

Our local Vietnamese Manufacturers hold the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) Certificate to ensure our partners are meeting the global initiative to provide ethical workers rights to the artisans making your products.