Bridging the Gap

Between every idea and the end result is journey. With our company the idea is simple, provide beautiful handcrafted functional home decor pieces for people around the world to enjoy. The end result is having our pieces showcased in peoples houses from Dubai to L.A. In between our idea and our goal is a lot of action, communication, moving parts, and the convergence of similar ideas. These similar ideas come from our customers who are also wanting to share these artisan pieces in their local markets. But more often than not for them this can be a difficult task from finding the right manufacturers, managing costs, and maintaining deadlines. This is how Artex Nam An is able to bridge the gap between your idea and the end result.

While we know we are in the business of handicraft, we also know that we are offering something much greater than just our excellent designs. We are also offering our relationships with specialized factories around Viet Nam. We are offering our cumulative design knowledge and expertise in creating unique pieces that will set itself apart from the competition in your markets. We also offer the convenience of connecting an age old industry with technology to aid in creating more dependable quality control, product manufacturing updates and logistical support. We know that the journey can have a million different things go wrong, which is why we have established procedures and process to mitigate risks in our deliverables such as additional quality control, an in-house product designer to provide the factory with dimensioned digital samples and a purchasing team dedicated to getting you the best quality pieces for your money. Finally we understand that communication is one of the most important aspects of our business model. This is why our team consists of high level English speakers who can understand your ideas thoroughly and translate them to our factory partners and artisans.  

Importing products from a developing country can be difficult whether you are a new retailer looking to source your own product line or you are an established distributor selling to big box stores. We at Artex Nam An are dedicated to insuring that we make this journey an easier one for you.  

Marketing Team Leader. Established in 2013, we founded Artex Nam An with an ambition to make life more eco-friendly globally and better the lives of Vietnamese farmers & artisans. Through promoting the growth of global buyers of eco-friendly products, we are on our way to turn our ambition into reality.

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