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Water hyacinth vs Seagrass Homewares Differences

Key Differences Between Water Hyacinth Vs Seagrass You Should Know

Many people confuse water hyacinth with seagrass and use the terms interchangeably. They can all be considered as wicker, since wicker refers to a technique for making products woven from pliable plants. But specifically, water hyacinth vs seagrass are two different natural materials used in making homewares. Continue reading for more details!

1. Water hyacinth vs Seagrass Materials

Properties of water hyacinth vs seagrass

About physical properties, seagrass has a smaller diameter than water hyacinth. It looks more rustic and shiny with a greenish undertone which turns khaki or beige over time. Not just bigger than seagrass, water hyacinth stalks are softer with a warm golden brown outside. These two materials bring different tones and decor vibes.

Both water hyacinth vs seagrass are naturally biodegradable and non-toxic. They are pliable, flexible and durable for weaving, not as rigid as bamboo and rattan. For homewares production, they need to be well dried before the weaving stage. 

Water hyacinth vs Seagrass properties
Water hyacinth vs Seagrass woven homewares have different physical properties.

Water hyacinth vs seagrass are not waterproof and weather-resistant, so the wicker homewares are just for indoor use. The range of moisture content for seagrass and water hyacinth products is often from 10% to 19%, if there is not any moisture standard provided from buyers. 

Color adhesion of water hyacinth vs seagrass

Can products made of these two materials be dyed or painted on? Our answer is yes, but there are some differences here. Thanks to their soft texture, water hyacinth stalks are better at color adhesion than seagrass fibers. 

Seagrass itself features a protective oil surface which is a bit shiny and smooth. It’s the reason for uneven color and even discoloration (color fading) in dyed seagrass products. What’s more, dark, bold dye colors work better on seagrass than light ones.

As regard to the painting method, the paint on seagrass is easier to peel off than that on water hyacinth.

A closer look to Water hyacinth vs Seagrass products dyed with black
A closer look to Water hyacinth vs Seagrass baskets with natural and black-dyed colors.

Material costs of water hyacinth vs seagrass

The material costs and qualities actually depend on specific areas. Aside from specialized areas of each material, the cost of weaving styles also contributes to final prices of products. 

Thanks to the favorable climate conditions, seagrass has been cultivated widely along the Vietnamese coastal provinces. However, seagrass has better quality, lower cost and larger production volume in the Northern area, especially Thanh Hoa and Thai Binh province. 

Meanwhile, water hyacinth is a popular aquatic plant spreading in water ponds and aquariums throughout Vietnam. This plant in the Southern areas commonly delivers better quality at a lower cost. 

2. Water hyacinth vs Seagrass Weaves

Local skilled artisans develop from one material into many weaves. Depending on specific weaves, seagrass and water hyacinth may undergo simple or complicated processing. Each one has different appearances, physical properties, production costs, and lead time.

Wholesale seagrass baskets with twisted seagrass woven

6 Seagrass Popular Weaving Styles

• Split seagrass 
• Twisted seagrass 
• Braided seagrass
• Pressed seagrass
• Coiled seagrass
• Wrapped seagrass

Coiled seagrass is the most expensive weaving style. It creates a thick weave with a lot of seagrass and needs much effort from artisans. 

Woven water hyacinth hanging baskets

9 Water Hyacinth Popular Weaving Styles

• Rolled weave
• Twisted weave 
• Rice nut weave
• Arrow weave
• Braided weave
• Asterisk weave
• Hexagonal weave
• Zigzag weave
• Flat weave

Of all water hyacinth weaves, rolled weave costs the most because of its complex production process and more material usage. The most inexpensive weaves are Asterisk, Hexagon and Flat weave. Interestingly, some certain weaves of water hyacinth and seagrass can be combined in one product.

3. Water hyacinth vs Seagrass Applications

Both these two materials have been used to produce a wide range of homewares and home furnishings. Specifically, water hyacinth vs seagrass do a great job for some certain categories.

Storage & Organization (hampers, baskets, bins, cubes, boxes), Home Decor & Wall Decor (indoor planters, wall decor baskets, mirrors, vases), Lighting (lampshades, table lamps, pendant lights, lanterns), Kitchen & Dining (caddies, trays, placemats), Pet Accessories (pet beds, pet houses), Indoor Furnitures (stools, chairs, tables), as well as Travel & OutdoorActivities (handbags, picnic baskets). 

Wholesale seagrass baskets
Wholesale seagrass baskets with black dyed seagrass
Square seagrass storage cubes also organic storage bin
Square seagrass storage cubes also organic storage bin
Water hyacinth woven utensil caddy
Water hyacinth woven utensil caddy
Handmade, Buying Tips Buying Tips Buying Tips made of Buying Tips
Water hyacinth wicker trays with handles
Seagrass round mirror
Seagrass round mirror with decorative patterns
Water hyacinth wicker mirror round
Water hyacinth wicker mirror round
Water hyacinth wicker pots for plants
Water hyacinth wicker pots for plants
Woven seagrass lamp shade
Woven seagrass lamp shadewholesale
Cat dog house / Seagrass wicker dog bed
Cat dog house / Seagrass wicker dog bed

Seagrass and water hyacinth are perfect as a decorative element in any space, no matter their specific functions. Highly durable and sturdy, a water hyacinth or seagrass homeware product can work well for 5 years and more, as long as it is given with proper care and protection. 

4. Water hyacinth vs Seagrass Problems

Being crafted by hand, natural woven homewares are not exactly alike, offering each product unique characteristics. However, both water hyacinth vs seagrass products perhaps have several workmanship problems if not processed, woven and stored carefully.

Here’re common problems that you should know for inspection, especially pre-shipment inspection when working with wholesale home decor suppliers:

  • Stain mark: It can be a stain of dust or mold that develops if the products are kept in an environment with a high level of humidity. As you know, both water hyacinth vs seagrass can absorb moisture from the air well. Also, products may get stains from outside during the gluing stage.
  • Uncut weaving: Trimming is essential for both water hyacinth vs seagrass products. It is even compulsory for specific weaves such as braided seagrass, twisted seagrass, pressed seagrass and twisted water hyacinth.
  • Peeled paint: This commonly happens on seagrass products that have a rough surface, particularly those made with twisted, braided weaving styles.
  • Deformed: If woven products come along with iron frames, their sturdiness will be ensured, and there is little chance of deformation. Deformation often occurs for products without iron frames, and their weaves are not so thick and tight. Sometimes, not given proper care and storage before shipping, water hyacinth vs seagrass products can be deformed too. 
  • Broken weaving: The broken weave of products might be the result of low-quality water hyacinth vs seagrass materials (not well sorted before) or careless weaving process.
  • Poor weaving: Poor weaving here means that the weaves are not formed tightly. That causes not-good looks and inconsistent quality, and need artisans to re-do the weaving for products.
Handmade, Buying Tips Buying Tips Buying Tips made of Buying Tips
Common defects of wholesale homewares woven from water hyacinth vs seagrass

5. Care Instructions of Water hyacinth vs Seagrass 

As water hyacinth and seagrass shares some natural traits in common, below care instructions can be applied for products made of two materials. 

  • Store: Store products in a dry, well-ventilated environment with a low level of humidity. That enables woven products to prevent from developing mold.
  • Clean: If there are stains or dust on water and seagrass products, wipe with a dry clean cloth, or wipe with a damp cloth then dry in the direct sunlight completely (about 2-3 days).

If you are a new or inexperienced buyer of natural woven homewares, the information of water hyacinth vs seagrass differences will be of some use to you. The insights help you communicate and work effectively with wholesale home decor suppliers in Vietnam.

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How to import home decor wholesale ocean freight rates saving

Ocean Freight Rates 2022: Efficient Ways To Import Home Decor Wholesale

1. Updates About Current Ocean Freight Rates

Ocean freight rates on main trade lanes

Ocean freight rates have shown remarkable and significant surges for all trade routes since September 2020 and it still hasn’t shown any sign of going down due to ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and inflation.

According to data provided by Freightos Baltic Index (FBX), as of March 3, 2022, global maritime transport continued to witness an increasing pattern on main trade lanes.

  • Global ocean freight rates ascend to $9,745/FEU.
  • Asia – US West Coast costs rose to $16,155/FEU, 204% higher than last March.
  • Asia – US East Coast rates witnessed an increase to $18,250/FEU, 218% higher than its level a year ago.
  • Asia – North Europe prices also reduced marginally to $13,509, which is 71% higher than the previous year’s pricing.
  • North Europe – US East Coast rates rose modestly to $6,886/FEU, roughly 228% higher than their previous level last March.
ocean freight rates 2022
Ocean freight rates updated in 2022 by Freightos Baltic Index (FBX)

Reasons for increased ocean freight rates

There are some key factors which led to the rise in ocean freight rates 2022 and also the delays of end-to-end days, such as:

  1. Lack of empty containers

When COVID-19 broke out, it brought along travel and transportation restrictions from every country into effect. Due to this reason, the delivery of everything has been interrupted which eventually results in the scarcity and unavailability of containers. When the demand soared but supply dropped, price will inevitably increase.

  1. Labour shortage

The Great Resignation has brought forth serious issues of labor shortage due to the outbreak of COVID. All industries are severely affected, including the logistics industry. The impact has led to a global supply chain crisis and its inability to operate as efficiently and proficiently as they were before.

Ocean Freight Rates 2022: Efficient Ways To Import Home Decor Wholesale
The scarcity of empty containers is a key cause for increasing ocean freight rates.
  1. New wave of COVID-19 in several countries

The world was not ready for Delta and now a new wave of COVID-19 (i.e Omicron) is appearing in several countries and continuing to spread widely; making it harder for the economy to bounce back. Due to this very reason, country borders are tightened along with new restrictions and lockdowns are required causing ocean freight rates to soar.

  1. Near Lunar New Year

Near Lunar New Year is when sales always hit the roof and products are in high demand. Many companies rush to have shipments delivered before the Lunar New Year Holiday. Together with scarce vessels, tight capacity and heavy restrictions on soaring demand, it all added up to ocean freight rates skyrocketing for a long time.

2. Ocean Freight Rates: Difficulties For Home Decor Wholesale Buyers

Prolonged transportation time

According toFreightos, transit time is now longer mainly because shipping vessels get clogged up at the start and destination ports, causing significant congestion. This also leads to shortage of empty containers due to heavy restriction forcing the vessels to sit at port while the stream of wares from Asia heightened. 

Handmade, Buying Tips Buying Tips Buying Tips made of Buying Tips
Transit time is now longer mainly because vessels get clogged up at ports.

Risk to the quality of home decor wholesale

With their hygroscopic trait, sustainable materials for making home decor wholesale such as seagrass (sedge), rattan, water hyacinth absorb moisture from the air naturally. Thus, when home furnishings are kept in warehouses or containers stuck at ports for quite some time, it may result in the product being moldy and the appearance of pests

The main reason for this problem is due to the standard humidity of the environment being uninsured. It goes the same for containers when they are en route. During that period, the temperature within the containers can be fickle, potentially leading to the risk of humidity within the steel box’s space.

Natural homewares can get moldy due to longer transportation time
Natural homewares can get molds due to uninsured humidity inside containers.

This situation might give you and other buyers a headache. Why, you ask? Because if products get moldy sitting at suppliers’ warehouses, you will incur additional costs for having suppliers finish the moldy items before they get to customers. Even worse, if wholesale home decor has mold and pests due to long time at destination ports, it can result in zero sales because you can’t sell goods that are already damaged.

3. Recommendations: 3 Efficient Ways To Buy Home Decor Wholesale

3.1. Go FCL instead of LCL

If you’re familiar with shipping or ordering merchandise overseas, you might have heard of LCL and FCL. These are two common terms used within the logistics industry for export and import freight cargo by sea. When ocean freight rates are still on the rise, it’s advisable that you choose FCL over LCL.

  • LCL = Less than Container Load
  • FCL = Full Container Load
FCL is more beneficial to importers buying natural home decor wholesale
FCL offer more benefits for you when buying wholesale home decor

Regarding the current situation, FCL offers more benefits especially for homewares made from natural fibers. Here are three highlights you’d definitely love to check out on:

  1. Shorter delivery time: If LCL takes a pretty long time to group and separate shipments at a destination port, it isn’t the same for FCL. With FCL, your cargo within the container isn’t mixed with other shipments, so the transit time is sped up one or two weeks faster, making you’ll receive your purchase sooner. 
  2. Minimize risk of goods: Because your cargo isn’t crushed and smushed by heavy shipments and those that are liquid, it won’t have to face contamination, spillage, or damage when the vessel is en route. This is really crucial for you because customers will always want goods that are not damaged due to shipping. 
  3. Cheaper shipping cost: For an average shipment, a LCL cost is often double an FCL charge when broken down by per cubic meter (CBM). In addition, for larger shipments, it often makes more sense to upgrade to a 20-foot container and go FCL. The tipping point is typically somewhere around 15 cubic meters to start ocean freight shipping, as it is a much more cost-effective measure.

>> READ MORE: FCL vs LCL: Differences and Pros & Cons

FCL benefits you more than LCL during the times of increasing ocean freight rates.
FCL benefits you with shorter transit time, lower costs and less risk of damage

3.2. Choose space-saving home decor wholesale

So, we’ve got to know how to deal with international ocean freight rates economically. But how to make the most out of your container space? The answer is to choose space-saving home decor products. By doing it, you can increase loading capacity, reduce packaging time & carton boxes, and also optimize ocean freight shipping. 

Here are our recommendations of some home decor wholesale to buy during the times of soaring ocean freight rates:

Buy Foldable or Collapsible Homewares 

Foldable or Collapsible homewares normally feature a soft design that can be folded in half (such as Seagrass Belly Baskets). So when it comes to packaging, they can be stacked in piles, then helping you get a larger loading capacity for more items in one container. Plus, other foldable home furnishings consist of separate pieces. That allows you or your customers to fold flat when not in use, when not on display or during transit time. 

Seagrass belly baskets are space-saving home decor wholesale
Belly baskets are space-saving options among home decor wholesale 

Several products having foldable/collapsible structures: Storage baskets, Storage bins, Lamp Shades, Pet houses.

Foldable Round Water Hyacinth Storage Bin Wholesale
Foldable Round Water Hyacinth Storage Bin
Collapsible White Rattan Pet House Wholesale
Collapsible White Rattan Pet House
Foldable Rattan Ceiling Lampshape Wholesale
Foldable Rattan CeilingLampshape

Buy Tapered or Flat Homewares 

Tapered or flat designs can be applied to all homewares’ shapes: round, square or rectangular. With signature tapered or flat designs, wholesale home decor can be neatly placed and stacked in piles within a carton box. This can help a big deal in space-saving and enables you to load more quantities of goods within one ocean freight shipping container.

  • Flat homeware products: Wall decor plates, Placemats, Rugs & mats, mirrors.
Handmade, Buying Tips Buying Tips Buying Tips made of Buying Tips
Water Hyacinth Placemat
Handmade, Buying Tips Buying Tips Buying Tips made of Buying Tips
Rattan Table/Wall Placemat
Handmade, Buying Tips Buying Tips Buying Tips made of Buying Tips
Coiled Seagrass Mirror
Seagrass wall decor baskets wholesale
Artex Nam An offers you a wide variety of flat designed home furnishings
  • Tapered products: Storage baskets/bins, Laundry baskets, Bamboo bowls, Trays,..
Handmade, Buying Tips Buying Tips Buying Tips made of Buying Tips
Rattan Tapered Laundry Hampers
Handmade, Buying Tips Buying Tips Buying Tips made of Buying Tips
Water Hyacinth Arrow Weave Tapered Bin
Handmade, Buying Tips Buying Tips Buying Tips made of Buying Tips
Bamboo Serving Bowl for Fruits & Salads

Buy Homewares in sets

Apart from foldable and flat designs, you can now choose to buy in sets. It’s among good ideas when importing home decor wholesale, as the set consists of multiple sizes of a product, so these items can come nested or stacked together. This will diversify your product portfolio with different sizes while still making full use of shipping space. Not only space-saving, but also super convenient.

Products in set for reference: Storage baskets, Indoor planters, Trays, Lampshades, Bowls, Boxes.

Handmade, Buying Tips Buying Tips Buying Tips made of Buying Tips
Set Of Three Tapered Split Seagrass Storage Bins
Handmade, Buying Tips Buying Tips Buying Tips made of Buying Tips
Coiled Seagrass Storage Trays with Rattan Handles

Buy Homewares with Removable or Foldable legs

These types of home decor wholesale products are born to make life easier as it not only saves you a ton of space (be it shipping, delivering) but also quite the fun to put together all the components. In addition, removable or foldable legs also help control the risk of screws in the stands that can fall off or be broken during transit. 

Homewares having removable or foldable legs: Indoor planters with stands, Furniture (Tables, chairs).

Rattan Side Table With Removable Legs handicrafted in Vietnam
Rattan Side Table With Removable Legs

3.3. Have seasonal order plans for home decor wholesale

Here’s a few pieces of advice from home decor manufacturers for you to have the ideal seasonal plan prepared in advance:

  • Buyers and importers should have seasonal purchasing plans of home decor wholesale, and inform suppliers about that. It’s all about quantity preparation on a large scale.
  • Home decor manufacturers can forecast and adjust the timeline to get the best material cost for each season, which can result in better prices for you. Based on your order placement schedule, suppliers will prepare materials in stock, avoiding shortage of materials during mass production.
  • The perk of seasonal purchasing plans is that you can have a better vision of what’s next to come, when and where to allocate your merchandise. Moreover, it helps big time in reducing ocean freight rates per item, especially at the peak times.

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3 Things You Should Know To Buy Wholesale Seagrass Baskets From Vietnam

3 Helpful Things You Should Know To Buy Wholesale Seagrass Baskets From Vietnam

Wholesale seagrass baskets are growing in popularity across the globe. It’s because sustainability is going top of priority of consumers, so natural fibers are preferred. This article will serve as a guideline about how to source seagrass baskets from Vietnam. Get started now!

1. Seagrass For Production

Seagrass (or sedge) is a pliable plant that grows naturally in South-East Asian coastal areas. For making woven baskets, we mainly use cultivated seagrass from field areas which have previously been flooded by the sea.

Nga Son is known for best-quality seagrass & largest areas
Natural seagrass field in Nga Son, Thanh Hoa—the area famous for best-quality seagrass & largest areas (Source: smithsonianmag)

Seagrass characteristics

Once harvested and dried, seagrass looks smooth, silky, quite soft and has a light brown color. Seagrass is known for its great plasticity and durability—making it most favorite for producing baskets.

Seagrass, like other natural fibers, is very hygroscopic (able to absorb water well). Thus, the baskets need to be stored under dry, cool conditions. For exportation, the required moisture content of seagrass baskets ranges from 18% to 22%.

Coloring & weaving styles

Wholesale seagrass products can be decorated by either dyeing or painting. About dyeing, seagrass is more suitable with dark colors, and they might fade over time. Meanwhile, seagrass can be painted with various colors; however, paints on seagrass can peel off quite easily.

Vietnamese weavers also apply different techniques of weaving into the production process. Here are 6 popular seagrass weaving styles for baskets as well as other home products.

6 seagrass weaving styles for wholesale seagrass baskets made in Vietnam
6 popular seagrass weaving styles for wholesale storage baskets

Seagrass material cost

In Northern & Central Vietnam, seagrass has lower material cost than other materials (water hyacinth, rattan). That’s because these areas have the largest seagrass production capacity. If your customers prefer wholesale woven baskets, kindly consider seagrass — reasonable prices and high quality!

The costs are different among seagrass weaving styles. Normally, the highest one is Coiled seagrass & Wrapped seagrass while Split seagrass has the lowest cost.

In Northern Vietnam, seagrass has lower costs than rattan and water hyacinth.
In Northern & Central Vietnam, seagrass is sourced at the lower costs than rattan and water hyacinth.

2. Wholesale Seagrass Baskets’ Quality

Are wholesale seagrass baskets safe? 

→ Yes, seagrass baskets are surely safe for both consumers & the environment. Seagrass is fast-growing, sustainable and biodegradable. Also, there are almost no chemical uses in the production process. The use of gluing is required to make some kinds of baskets well-shaped and mold-free, and this glue is totally safe for consumers’ uses. 

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Are wholesale seagrass baskets waterproof & weather resistant? 

→ No. For indoor uses only. Not given enough protection from water, seagrass baskets will lose their shape and develop mold. In case seagrass products get wet, let’s dry them completely in the sunlight or using drying machines, then store them in warehouses equipped with dehumidifiers.

Wholesale seagrass baskets can hold and carry up to 25 kg.
Wholesale seagrass baskets can hold and carry up to 25 kg.

How durable are wholesale seagrass baskets? 

→ Strong, stylish and sustainable—that’s how we would describe wholesale seagrass baskets. Seagrass delivers a high level of durability and plasticity for long-time storage. Based on our testing, seagrass storage baskets can load up to 25-30kg.

Are wholesale seagrass baskets likely to get deformed?

→ It depends on specific seagrass weaving styles. Some styles should have iron frames to not lose form, such as Twisted seagrass, Split seagrass, Pressed seagrass, Braided seagrass. Others (Coiled seagrass & Wrapped seagrass) make baskets sturdy and well-shaped, without the use of iron frames.

Wholesale seagrass basket features iron frames to make it well-shaped.
The twisted seagrass basket features iron frames to make it well-shaped.

3. What To Know Before Buying Wholesale Seagrass Baskets

3.1. Find & Verify seagrass basket manufacturers

Seagrass thrives most in Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Seagrass of Vietnam is not only used for domestic production, but also exported to neighboring Asian countries. Therefore, you should look for manufacturers based in this region. 

If you would like high-quality seagrass, we suggest working with suppliers that source this material from Nga Son (Thanh Hoa, Vietnam). Seagrass of Nga Son is estimated as of the best quality, with even stem’s diameter, great plasticity and beautiful natural brown. 

Vietnam has various manufacturers specializing in wholesale seagrass baskets.
Vietnam has various manufacturers specializing in wholesale seagrass baskets.

Verifying suppliers is also of great importance. For online research, consider their websites, Alibaba pages, or rely on supplier directory sites (Yellowpages) or trade data sites (Panjiva, Import Genius). Have a read for some tips to find trusted wholesale home decor suppliers!

3.2. Choose the right time to order from Vietnam

Seagrass can be affected by constant heavy rain in flood seasons. Floods happen from October to December in Central Vietnam, which will cause bad-quality or rotten seagrass—cannot be used for production. It is the reason why there might be an insufficient supply of seagrass during these months.

It is also crucial to pick the right time to order wholesale seagrass baskets from Vietnam. The right order time enables you to get better prices (thanks to lower seagrass costs), shorter production time and more convenient delivery as well.

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Factories often outsource dried seagrass and other accessories for production.
Bad-quality or rotten seagrass caused by flood cannot be used for production.

3.3. Quotations & Samples from wholesale seagrass basket suppliers

Not only sourcing dried seagrass, producing companies also need to purchase other materials and accessories from sub-suppliers. In Vietnam, a large part of seagrass baskets are made by local weavers (villagers), then collected and finished by producing companies. The process is relatively long and complex, so it takes a few days for suppliers to calculate and update you (buyers) on exact prices.

Wholesale Seagrass Baskets - Coiled Seagrass and Pressed Seagrass
Coiled Seagrass has the longest lead time while the time for making Pressed Seagrass is shortest.

As to seagrass basket samples, production time (lead time) depends on shapes, sizes, designs and weaving styles. The more add-on accessories and patterns, the longer production time. Among all seagrass weaving styles:

  • Pressed Seagrass has the shortest lead time (commonly used in foldable belly baskets).
  • Coiled Seagrass takes weavers the longest time to complete.

Hope that our information is of some help to you in purchasing seagrass baskets from Vietnam and working with Vietnamese suppliers. 

tips find trusted wholesale home decor suppliers vietnam

Tips To Find Trusted Wholesale Home Decor Suppliers From Vietnam

Are you looking for wholesale home decor suppliers in Vietnam? Do you struggle to find trusted ones for long-term partnership? In this article, we can help you out with detailed guides about where and how you can find reliable Vietnamese home decor manufacturers.

1. Why you should buy wholesale home decor from Vietnam suppliers

In recent years, Vietnam is the second-largest exporter of home decor products to the U.S and European markets, just behind China. And benefiting from the US – China trade war, Vietnam is considered as a promising manufacturing destination for global businesses.

Labor costs in Vietnam are lower than those in China and other developing countries such as Thailand and the Philippines. Also, with traditional handicraft and an increasing population annually, Vietnam gets young, highly skilled workforces for high production volume of home decor.

inexpensive young skilled workforces
Vietnam gets inexpensive, young, skilled workforces for high production volume.

Vietnam is well known for a variety of natural materials throughout the country. So, it is not hard for you to find suitable natural fibres for manufacturing natural home decor products from bamboo, seagrass, water hyacinth to rattan, jute, palm leaf and so on.

2. Where to find wholesale home decor suppliers

2.1. Online B2B marketplaces


online b2b marketplaces alibaba

Despite its main focus on China suppliers, Alibaba is still a B2B marketplace with many Vietnamese suppliers in diverse ranges, especially the home decor category. Therefore, finding a wholesale home decor supplier on Alibaba is quite easy. Just start with “Supplier by Regions”, then choose Vietnam and then select the “Home & Garden” category!

Global Sources

Similar to Alibaba, Global Sources has databases with most China suppliers, but you will still find a variety Vietnamese suppliers on this website. For the home decor category, choose “Home Products” and “Supplier List”, also with “Vietnam” by country to see more Vietnamese suppliers specializing in home decor products!

online b2b marketplaces global sources

2.2. Directories

Vietnam Handicraft Exporter Association

Vietnam Handicraft Exporters Association (VIETCRAFT) is the representative organization of all handicraft, home décor, home textile and gift manufacturers and exporters in Vietnam. Choose “Handicrafts and Home Decoration” in the “Find by product sector” to explore a list of wholesale home decor suppliers in Vietnam!

vietnam handicraft exporter association


As an official business information channel, Vietnam Export Portal (VIETNAMEXPORT) offers information about verified exporters in different categories. That means it enables you to look for reliable Vietnam-based suppliers in the home decor category. Let’s click on “Verified Exporters”, then select “Handicraft” for further specific information of these suppliers!


Vietnam Yellow Pages

Another resource is Vietnam Yellow Pages – the largest trading channel where you can find quality manufacturers and suppliers based in Vietnam. If you are looking for wholesale home decor suppliers or manufacturers in Vietnam, visit the website and then choose “Vietnam Handicraft” for the list of reliable ones!

vietnam yellow pages

Global Manufacturers

Global Manufacturers is a wholesale trade platform for both global buyers and suppliers for over 13 years. This platform provides you with a list of various Vietnamese suppliers in different categories that include home decor. To find home decor suppliers or manufacturers for your business, choose “Vietnam” by country and “Home & Garden” by category!

2.3. Google keywords

It doesn’t sound viable, but Google can give you great help when it comes to searching for trusted wholesale home decor suppliers in Vietnam. How will we make full use of Google? Try several long-tail keywords – and they will be able to show direct results for your needs!

Here are some of our suggestions:

  • wholesale home decor suppliers Vietnam
  • wholesale home decor manufacturers Vietnam
  • wholesale home decor vendors Vietnam
  • home decor wholesale suppliers Vietnam
  • home decor manufacturers Vietnam
google keywords
Use long-tail keywords when searching for wholesale suppliers in Vietnam.

2.4. Tradeshows

If possible, we suggest participating in trade shows and fairs specialized in wholesale homeware, home storage, home decor products. These will give you great opportunities to get to know many Vietnamese wholesale home decor suppliers, see their products in person and easily evaluate quality as well. Let’s check out several exhibitions or fairs that you can attend!

  • Lifestyle Vietnam
  • Hanoi Gift Show
  • Mega Show Hong Kong
  • New York NOW
  • Ambiente Frankfurt
Discover local home decor manufacturers at Lifestyle Vietnam (Source: Baodautu).

2.5. Referrals

If you have friends or colleagues who already worked in the category, don’t hesitate to ask them for more information about trusted suppliers!

Particularly, they communicated with suppliers’ Sales Representatives, received quotations and placed orders. So basically, it means they can give you direct feedback from those suppliers’ product quality, prices and services for your reference.

3. How to evaluate Vietnamese wholesale home decor suppliers

When finding new suppliers, it is of great importance for you to evaluate properly before reaching any business decision. In the home decor category, we have some suggestions that you can give a try to value a wholesale supplier or manufacturer. Discover now!

3.1. Check suppliers’ website

Website is one of their main online channels that you can easily access to Vietnamese wholesale home decor suppliers. After getting the website URL, consider contact information, product page and also check the age of the website domain as well!

check suppliers website
Not all experienced manufacturers and suppliers in Vietnam have a good website.

Please keep in mind that not all experienced manufacturers or suppliers in Vietnam have a good website. Many of them have worked in the field for decades, but not invested in their website yet.

3.2. Evaluate product portfolio

Aside from looking at the product pages on their website, you should ask for catalogues from wholesale home decor suppliers. It is an easy way to assess their design and manufacturing expertise – an important factor to consider carefully when finding new suppliers.

3.3. Check certificates

Find information about suppliers’ certificates on their website, or ask them directly about their certificates such as BSCI, ISO 9001, CTPAT. It is about verifying suppliers’ performance from manufacturing technology, factory equipment, to production capacity. Also, you can make sure products are made by skilled workforces in safe, healthy working conditions.

check certificates
Verify suppliers by their certificates such as BSCI, ISO 9001 and C-TPAT.

3.4. Directly contact with suppliers

We highly suggest you should directly contact suppliers, ask about MOQ, lead time, working process and request for quotation, samples. In particular, sampling is very helpful for your business to evaluate product quality before reaching decisions. What’s more, you will be able to access their communication style, attitude, and support service as well.

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Looking for new wholesale home decor suppliers in Vietnam is not hard, but it can get easier if you try some tips about where to find and how to evaluate suppliers. That not only helps you accelerate the process but also reach out to trusted suppliers with specialist expertise.

best time order eco-friendly products wholesale 01

The Best Time To Order Eco-friendly Products Wholesale From Vietnam

Have you experienced buying eco-friendly products wholesale yet? It is essential to get updated on the best time to order that helps you scale up. This article will give you specific information about when to buy eco-friendly products in bulk from Vietnam based on our exporting experience. Let’s find it out now!

The best time you should buy eco-friendly products wholesale

According to our expert Production team and eco-friendly suppliers from Vietnam, it is highly recommended that your order should go into mass production between April and August.
So it means that you should start to find eco-friendly products and reliable suppliers at least two months before mass production (from February to June). Also, please be noted that the quotation and sampling process may often take more than one month.

best time buy eco products wholesale
Mass production of your orders should be started between April and August.

The importance of knowing the right time to order

Knowing the right time to order really matters because it will enable you to gain maximum benefits for your business. Specifically, how can you benefit from this time?

Lower material costs

In Vietnam, there is almost no serious shortage of natural materials (seagrass, water hyacinth, rattan, bamboo) between April and August. Bad weather and floods are main factors that do harm to natural materials, which often occurs from October to December. That causes a significant rise in material cost.

natural water hyacinth
Natural water hyacinth can be affected by floods in Vietnam (Photo: VnExpress)

To be specific, water hyacinth is one of the fastest-growing plants, covering natural freshwater surfaces. In October 2020, severe floods in Central Vietnam led to a serious shortage of this material because the polluted water caused a number of water hyacinths to be dead or of bad quality.

Another case is seagrass, growing in several Northern provinces of Vietnam. In the harvest period in October, seagrass sometimes can be flooded with water and get rotten. That pushes up its cost very high due to its lack of material for producing eco-friendly products.

Shorter production time

Between April and August, the production runs quite smoothly, leading to a shorter production time than other months.

From September to March, many factories often operate at the maximum capacity because there are many big orders placed by large global buyers. Therefore, the production for eco-friendly products in large quantities can be in slow progress and take a much longer time.

shorter production time
Many factories often operate at the maximum capacity from September to March.

In Vietnam, the peak season is often 1 month before and after our Lunar New Year (Tet Holiday). After celebrating our Tet holiday, the craftspeople normally spend the whole first month on their seasonal farming. It means the production of eco products is temporarily halted until the weavers are back to work at the factory.

Better delivery with lower cost

The delivery time is invariably longer in the fourth quarter and the first quarter of next year. Particularly, the demand for transportation services increases greatly during Christmas, which results in congestion or shipment delays.

shipment delays occur at year-end
Congestion or shipment delays often occur at year-end (Photo: Vietnam News)

The shipping cost is really high now due to the negative impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. However, it can be getting much more expensive during high seasons such as Christmas and New Year.


Natural materials and homeware ordering processes may be influenced by many factors. From the view of experienced manufacturers in Vietnam, the best time to buy eco-friendly products wholesale (in bulk) is between April and August to benefit your business most.

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