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Artex – One of The Leading Wholesale baby furniture distributors in Vietnam

Here we’re excited to introduce you to our Baby & Kids selections – stylish, strong, safe and made with care. At Artex Nam An, we put a focus on high-quality baby essentials made from natural materials. Over 7 years, we have been close partners with global buyers such as Mokee, Sass & Belle, and Fabelab. Now explore what’s inside our selection!

1. Diverse designs from wholesale baby toys suppliers

As to wholesale baby nursery furniture, we put quality and safety No.1 priorities. From natural materials, we turn them into exquisitely crafted pieces of baby essentials. What’s more, each item for baby & kids is 100% conducted with quality testing. So, you can be assured that we help your business make the best for children.

             1.1. Wholesale Baby Moses Baskets

Our wholesale baby moses baskets are woven with care and love by local artisans, using seagrass fibres from Vietnam. That’s why they are strong, durable, yet soft and lightweight for your customers. Our baby baskets come with a sturdy built-in handle — helping your customers easily transport from room to room.

Asides from our standard size, freely ask for customizing dimensions to suit your market if you would like. Plus, your baby moses baskets can be supplied with cushion mattresses for more convenience which are sourced from well-qualified suppliers.

             1.2. Wholesale Baby Cribs

We cannot miss out on natural doll cribs, when it comes to Baby & Kids selections! Crafted from rattan, our items feature a strong, durable nature with earthy color variations. With their elegant designs, our wholesale doll cribs are a lot more than essentials for kids’ joy. We can confidently say they will be functioning as a decorative accent in the kids room as well.

             1.3. Wholesale Baby Toys

Baby toys and natural fibres? It will promisingly be a great combination for sure. Understanding parents’ concerns, we make wholesale baby toys from natural materials such as rattan — it means safe, sustainable, and fun at the same time. Importantly, our baby toys still maintain unique beauty that is of interest to babies & kids.

2. Natural materials for wholesale baby nursery furniture

For Baby & Kids products, we select and process natural materials carefully – making sure they meet high standards before being crafted into baby essentials. We create different pieces from 100% natural materials. Let’s discover more what fibres we utilize most!

             2.1. Seagrass

Seagrass grows naturally in Vietnam and thrives most in the Northern provinces such as Thai Binh and Thanh Hoa. With its high durability, seagrass is currently a top choice for Vietnamese artisans to transform into safe, sturdy moses baskets.

In order to make moses baskets, seagrass fibres can be either woven or coiled with plastic threads — both of them have a sturdy construction. Having natural colors and smells, seagrass moses baskets will offer comfortable feels for both parents and babies.

             2.2. Rattan

Rattan is also so flexible and strong that it has been favored for making wholesale doll cribs, doll houses, and kid chairs. Needless to say, rattan adds a natural, tough finish to baby essentials. This natural material has great sturdiness – a key factor that makes wholesale baby cribs strong and safe for kids in the long run.

3. How wholesale baby furniture distributors make items

             Stage 1: Market research

As regards Baby & Kids products, market research is among what we put our focus on. It helps us understand what your customers, such as parents, are currently in need of. Our Marketing team is responsible for doing research on a monthly basis. That’s how our new baby essentials can come with competitive advantages.

             Stage 2: Product design & development

With our in-house specialist R&D team, we are confident to have our baby essentials thoughtfully designed. Our R&D team usually partners with our Production team to combine both technical skills, manufacturing knowledge and also customers’ feedback. All we do is to make products great in both function, safety and aesthetics for babies & kids.

             Stage 3: Product making

Our natural materials all need to go through proper processes before being crafted into baby essentials. Our skilled artisans then carefully turn natural fibres into finished products by hand. Therefore, our wholesale baby nursery furniture comes with an effortlessly earthy touch, yet still a solid structure and joyful patterns for kids.

             Stage 4: Testing

Testing is of great importance for us when it comes to making products for babies and kids. After our products have been produced, our Quality Control team will carry out testing on each detail. That’s to help you assure that our baby essentials all reach high quality and safety – from wholesale moses baskets to baby cribs.

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