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100% natural and organic Accent Furniture

Wholesale furniture

Here is our striking collection of wholesale furniture — a perfect combination between natural fibres and metal materials. With our eco-friendly furniture, we put an emphasis on quality, comfort, design and sustainability for each hand-made piece.
Wholesale furniture at Artex Nam An
1. Variety
At Artex Nam An, you will be amazed with various choices when it comes to designs, shapes and sizes. Just take a look at our stunning selections of wholesale furniture – from tables, chairs to stools!

All sustainable furniture here can be customized according to your requirements. Our eco-friendly furniture is a practical yet stylish addition that can fit any space and room.
2. Structure
Our sustainable furniture has strong construction created from a perfect combination of materials. To be more specific, natural fibres & metal are an outstanding example. Black metal stands are here to ensure good design with sturdiness. Meanwhile, natural materials can make furniture easily become comfy places.
3. Materials
With natural materials, it is also about bringing a relaxing atmosphere into the interior. Rattan, cane and bamboo are popular in Vietnam, let’s discover specific details about our natural fibres that we use for each comfy chairs, tables and more!
3.1 Rattan
What do you first think about when it comes to rattan? For us, “sturdy”. Renowned for great sturdiness — rattan is a favorite material that has been used for many homewares. Rattan chairs are not an exception. They are strong but still comfy for your customers’ needs for relaxation. With its tan colors, rattan furniture creates an earthy feeling.
3.2 Bamboo
Our furniture is a perfect creation from pressed bamboo materials — so, it comes with high hardness and elegant vibes. Also, combined with metal stands, bamboo chairs are made with a strong, foldable structure. It brings a minimalist yet modern look to the house, thanks to natural bamboo colors.
How wholesale furniture is made
Stage 1: Market research
It is essential for Artex Nam An to start from market research. On a monthly basis, our Marketing team is responsible for carrying out research on current trends and preferred materials for furniture. Research results are very helpful for our R&D team — coming up with a uniquely breezy look and practical design.
Stage 2: Product design & development
Aside from research results, technical design skills, our R&D team constantly partners with the Production team to transform raw materials into actual furniture. It is guaranteed to function well for comfy sitting and style the living space as well.
Stage 3: Product making
Natural materials are well selected from local areas while metal material is ethically sourced. It’s why we ensure our furniture is produced with high-quality material and has a sturdy nature. Plus, it is entirely hand-made by our local skilled workforce. With its unique look, no two furniture pieces are exactly alike.
Stage 4: Testing
Quality can be assured in wholesale furniture, all thanks to our testing and quality control process. After each mass production, our Quality Control team conducts careful testing on each furniture piece – making sure it meets requirements as to quality, safety and durability.

Sample lead time

Around 10 days

Sample shipping time

5-10 days

Delivery time

5-10 days by air, 20-40 days by sea.

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