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Eco-friendly kitchen products

We’re here to give you our stunning selection of Kitchen & Dining essentials with over 40 designs made from natural materials in Vietnam. Our eco-friendly kitchen products are crafted with care by our skillful artisans in local traditional villages. So they come with an earthy, handmade touch – unlike those manufactured on assembly lines.

1. Various eco-friendly kitchen products

Our selection covers a wide range of kitchen products serving kitchen tables and dining rooms. From bamboo bowl sets, placemats & drink coasters to picnic baskets, serving trays — they all embrace eco-friendly vibes from natural materials. Beyond that, our items are multi-functional. For storage, serving or decoration, they all work well. Now have a look at our eco-friendly kitchen products!

Bamboo bowl sets

From natural bamboo threads, our local artisans apply handicraft techniques to make finished bowls, also known as “spun bamboo bowls”. Aside from natural color, our bamboo bowls wholesale also come in many colors on the finish – bringing diverse choices for your collection. Bamboo bowl sets can serve salad, fruits or become an ideal decorative addition to the kitchen. Made from bamboo, our bowls & spoons are lightweight, durable and easy to clean.

Eco-friendly picnic baskets

Our wholesale picnic baskets come with a strong, large structure for keeping the containers safe and organized. Natural rattan helps to make picnic baskets durable and built to last. They also feature a sturdy handle – allowing your customers to carry with ease and convenience. Rattan picnic baskets add function and style to the home, no matter if they’re for daily storage or used for picnic times.

Eco-friendly serving trays

Our collection has serving trays made from different natural materials such as rattan, seagrass, bamboo. So it means you’ll be given many choices for your brand, they are all non-toxic and odorless. Coupled with strong handles, our serving trays are easily used for serving most kinds of food. As to wholesale serving trays, we put an emphasis on quality and sturdiness – yet still bring stylish touches to your customers.

Placemats & Coasters

Placemats and coasters crafted from natural fibres will be beyond interesting to your customers. Made from natural materials, our placemats and coasters are not easy to break and highly functional with heat insulation. Their handmade vibes and beige color variations offer a natural feel to any dining setting. The eco-friendly kitchen products will be a stunning addition whether in the kitchen, hotel, restaurant, or office.

2. Natural materials for eco-friendly kitchen products

2.1. Rattan

Thanks to its sturdy nature, rattan is one of our focused natural materials for making storage products, including wholesale picnic baskets and serving trays. Rattan provides great durability for our kitchen products – ensuring safety and long service time. Aside from that, they add a unique decor to the kitchen and any corner with earthy colors.

2.2. Bamboo

No matter spun bamboo or pressed bamboo, they all add an elegant look to the kitchen products, particularly with bowls and serving trays. Bamboo is also favored in Vietnam because they are odorless, safe and durable — so bamboo is really a good fit to kitchen spaces. It ensures no harm to your customers while maintaining aesthetics of the home.

3. How eco-friendly kitchen products are made

Stage 1: Market research

Initially, our specialist Marketing team takes charge of monthly market research on new trends and customers’ preference of kitchen products. Our R&D team will make full use of research results for product design and development steps.

Stage 2: Product design & development

With specific research results, our R&D team combines with their technical skills, customers’ feedback and product knowledge to develop 3D models of kitchen products. The models then will be revised by other teams within our company until they ensure great function and appearance, promising for our customers.

Stage 3: Product making

Based on the models developed by our R&D team, the Production team will start working on actual products with our artisan forces. With the guidance by our Production team, artisans make kitchen products from high-quality materials. Our artisans are all young, skillful and enthusiastic about each and every kitchen item.

Stage 4: Testing

After mass production is completed, our Quality Control team will implement testing on eco-friendly kitchen products. It’s how we ensure that our kitchen products will meet high standards of quality and safety.

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