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We are committed to promoting a more eco-friendly lifestyle through a wide distribution of beautiful eco-friendly products among worldwide consumers.

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Our initiatives​

Our 4 eco-commitments initiatives

Our initiatives

For our business, it is of great importance to play a part in protecting the environment on a global scale. This is our mission to start with and it’s also what we will keep pursuing in the future. To achieve that, we come up with 4 initiatives.
Let's make life more eco-friendly!

Initiative 1

natural materials

Though our product categories expand with demands, we will only supply products made from natural materials – bamboo, water hyacinth, rattan, seagrass, jute, etc. There are some reasons why they are called sustainable materials:
> Fast growing

All these materials grow very quickly, easily and do not require fertilizer, pesticides, or replanting

> Biodegradable

These natural materials will largely biodegrade in landfills.

> Regenerative

As renewable resources. they regrow very quickly and therefore, do not harm the landfill once they are harversted.

> Recyclable

Products made from these materials can be reused and recycled.

> Low impact manufacturing

The manufacture of products made from natural materials do not require chemicals and do not emit toxic gas to environment.

Initiative 2

Innovating product designs & functions

We are on our way to cut down plastics and toxic elements so that our products cause least harm to the environment throughout their lifecycle. We also focus on innovating their designs and functions so that our products will be wanted not only because they help protect the earth, but they are also trendy, beautiful, and functional.
Initiative 2 - Innovating product designs & functions
Rattan wicker material home goods wholesale

Initiative 3

Cutting down
the price

With our experiences & expertise in manufacturing, we are gradually cutting down the cost. Our ambition is to see that one day, every consumer can have beautiful eco-friendly products at lower prices. With such a wide distribution of natural eco-friendly products, the world will be greener and become a better place to live in.

Initiative 4

Promoting the growth of global buyers

We are willing to help global buyers of eco-friendly products grow by offering them most effective & cost saving solutions. The growth of these companies, together with ours, will help facilitate the distribution of eco-friendly products among consumers.
Initiative 4 - Promoting the growth of global buyers
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