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We can manufacture best eco-friendly products based upon your designs & specifications. With specialist manufacturing expertise & skilled workforce, we are committed to the highest quality, competitive prices & large capacity of our sustainable products.

Manufacturing in Vietnam - Artex Nam An
Manufacturing - What we do

- Manufacturing

What we do?

We can manufacture eco-friendly products according to your designs & specifications. It can be referred to as “OEM” (Original Equipment Manufacturer). We are also capable of designing your products.

With our extensive manufacturing facility, profound manufacturing expertise together with a skillful workforce, we can manufacture eco-friendly products at large capacity, highest quality & competitive prices.

- Our strengths

Why us?

- Modern facility

Artex Nam An factory information

  • Location: Tan Tien, Chuong My, Hanoi
  • Capacity: 10×40′ HC
  • Total area: 5000 m2
  • Number of artisan: 25
  • Specialized materials: Seagrass, Water hyacinth, Rattan

As a trusted eco-friendly products suppliers, we’ve applied automation technology into our manufacturing process, along with the attention & care of our skilled artisans. That’s how we can ensure consistency of eco products at our factory.

Skillful workforce

- Why us?

Skillful workforce

We select and work with the most experienced workers & artisans. Highly skilled and conscious of eco-friendly products values, they are capable of turning your designs into actual beautiful & inspiring products. Their working conditions & salary can be guaranteed.

- Why us?

In-depth manufacturing expertise

With in-depth manufacturing knowledge & expertise, our production team can provide necessary guidance for workers & artisans, manage the production in a timely & efficient way to ensure you receive finished products on time and at highest quality.
In-depth manufacturing expertise
Lower prices & shorter lead time

- Why us?

Lower prices & shorter lead time

By applying new technologies and continuously innovating our process, we are gradually cutting down the cost. Innovation also helps us operate in a more and more efficient way and reduces production time. Therefore, we are confident that we can help you achieve your project goals at lower prices & shortened time.

- Your manufacturing solution

Our manufacturing process