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7 Qualities Of Good Natural Woven Baskets – Guide To Buy Baskets In Bulk

Natural woven baskets garner a unique, original quality from a mix of materials and weaving details, offering a practical storage & display solution in various spaces. However, all of this comes at a price. Made with natural materials by the locals, the handicrafts may have potential defects after mass production. And this is where quality inspection comes into play. 

Why Might Natural Woven Baskets Have Defects?

The reasons why natural woven baskets can be faulty are manifold. First, most natural materials possess a hygroscopic property, making them fragile and susceptible to mold. Rattan and bamboo, in particular, are highly vulnerable to termites – tiny little bugs that can cause big damage to basket quality. Each material owns a distinct color tone that varies according to harvest season, region, and species.

Secondly, 100% consistency cannot be achieved due to the nature of handicraft production. It is often acceptable to include subtle variances (below 5%) in size, shape, and color among products. Weaving techniques and craftsmanship standards also differ depending on region and local craft village.

Natural woven baskets buy baskets in bulk

Finally, each production area has different ways of processing materials. Bleaching, oil curing, and thermal steaming do not happen in the same manner. There are often no standard formulas to add colors on natural woven baskets, namely dyeing or painting. The inspection criteria for basket quality might also diversify according to in-house quality control (QC) staff or third parties.

How To Identify Quality Natural Woven Baskets Wholesale

Baskets should conform to general requirements

Here is the first important thing to know when you buy baskets in bulk. The final products must be identical to the pre-production sample which the order is based on. Good baskets should follow exact specifications as what both sides initially agree, including dimensions, shape, color, texture, weaving style, pattern, lid type, and basket handle.

More specifically, the iron frames (if any) must be rust-proof with solid joints. This factor will make a sturdy shape – which means baskets will not get deformed over time, and can withstand weight, environment, as well as day-to-day wear and tear. If natural woven baskets consist of nails, they should be hidden carefully to ensure the aesthetics and safety to users. 

Natural woven baskets buy baskets in bulk