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4 Popular Basket Weaving Styles Of Rattan Baskets Wholesale

Rattan is a natural material with a distinctive appeal such as earthy tones and chic textures. Plus with craftsmanship, rattan baskets wholesale come in many designs and styles. This blog will provide you the details about rattan wicker and basket weaving styles you can buy wholesale.

What Is Rattan Wicker?

Rattan refers to a spiny, climbing palm featuring long, tough, woody stems. This plant currently has about 600 species in the wetlands of the tropical and subtropical rainforest ecosystems, particularly in Southeast Asia, Australia, West Africa, and the Pacific.

People mainly take advantage of large-diameter rattan canes (above 18mm) for the furniture production. Small-diameter rattan canes (below 18mm) are used for making handicrafts. Learn more about Rattan for detailed information about this versatile material!

Basket styles Rattan baskets wholesale

What Are The Materials Of Rattan Baskets?

– Rattan cane: After harvest, the locals will process canes into two separate parts: rattan core & rattan skin (peel). Some species of rattan have thin, pliable stems (below 10mm), so they will be woven into baskets without having their skin removed.

Rattan core: It is the woody material extracted from the cane, then split into thin round strands and utilized for the handicrafts production. Generally, rattan core is flexible, but strong and not deformed over time easily.

Rattan skin: It is the outer layer peeled from the rattan cane. The flat strands of rattan skin can function in (1) weaving baskets, (2) binding the joints of furniture or products, or (3) making rattan webbing. Rattan skin is durable, flexible, and not easy to mold.

How Are Rattan vs Cane Different?

Let us help you to clarify differences between two confusing terms. ‘Rattan’ refers to the whole rattan plant, whilst ‘cane’ is the rattan stem that local people gain after harvesting. These terms thus can be used interchangeably in some cases. For example, ‘rattan chair’ and ‘(rattan) cane chair’ both make sense.

But here is the thing: Many might use the term ‘cane’ with another meaning as rattan skin (peel) – the outer layer of rattan cane, especially in the form of rattan cane webbing.

Discover more: Differences between Rattan vs Wicker, Cane, Willow?

Basket styles Rattan baskets wholesale
A local weaver is using rattan skin to coil rattan into baskets.

How Many Styles Of Rattan Baskets Wholesale?

Based on the distinctive looks, we suggest there are four key basket weaving styles. In addition to their appearance, they differ in components, production process, physical properties, and applications.

Rattan Basket With Wicker Plain Weave

Plain weave is among the most popular basket weaving styles which you can easily find in various rattan baskets and homewares. Another name you commonly give for it is ‘wicker’ style.

Vietnamese producers use rattan core and skin (peel) for making foundation spokes and weaving into baskets. Sometimes, rattan is combined with wooden or metal frames to give baskets extra sturdiness. When weavers need to produce complicated shapes, they must use metal frames for retaining the shape of rattan baskets.

Basket styles Rattan baskets wholesale
Large rattan food covers in plain weave in the factory.

Plain weave features a simple look with a rustic, traditional feel from rattan material. Notably, this style is easily transformed into many shapes, sizes, and patterns. Search for ‘animal-shaped baskets’ or other intricate items, and you’ll see various results with this weave. They are also durable and well resistant to mold.

With great robustness from plain weave, rattan baskets wholesale fit in diverse storage purposes and spaces. More specifically, your customers can use them to keep the house organized with laundry hampers, closet baskets, kitchen hanging baskets, baskets for holding plants and so much more options.

Basket styles Rattan baskets wholesale
Basket styles Rattan baskets wholesale
Basket styles Rattan baskets wholesale
Basket styles Rattan baskets wholesale
Basket styles Rattan baskets wholesale
Basket styles Rattan baskets wholesale
Basket styles Rattan baskets wholesale
Basket styles Rattan baskets wholesale