continuing skyrocket ocean freight rates 2021

Ocean Freight Rates Continue to Skyrocket in 2021

The rising transportation costs have become a burning issue, hitting many sectors and businesses across the globe. As predicted, we will see ocean freight costs skyrocketing further in 2021. So what factors will influence this rise? How are we doing to cope with that? In this article, we will give you a closer look at the soaring freight rates globally.

1. Ocean freight rates continue to set new highs in 2021

Ocean freight rates have soared greatly for all trade routes since September 2020 due to the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Freightos Baltic Index (FBX), the shipping cost in July 2021 for a single 40’ container (FEU) is reaching over $6,000USD, an increase of 300% on the previous year. Also, charter prices for container vessels have tripled compared to 2020.

ocean freight rates have tripled
The ocean freight rates in all trade routes have tripled. (Credit: FBX)

To give you specific details, here are the skyrocketing ocean shipping costs in several trade lanes from Asia to other regions in June 2021, analyzed by FBX Frieghtos.

  • Asia-North Europe freight rates increased by almost 650% compared with the previous year, setting a new record of $13,040/FEU in June.
  • Asia-US West Coast prices fell by 9% to $5,970/FEU, but the freight rates are still 114% more expensive than what they were last year.
  • Asia-US East Coast prices shot up to $10,319/FEU in June 2021, which means a more than 200% increase in comparison with the rates for last year.
ocean freight rates continue increase q4 2021
Ocean freight rate continues to increase dramatically until Q4 2021. (Credit: FBX)

There is, however, little sign of a decrease in ocean shipping costs in the short term. Ocean freight rate continues to rise dramatically until Q4 2021 due to two peak seasons. You know international freight is not always smooth, and there are the two busiest times in the shipping year (also known as peak seasons).

The first lasts from mid-August through mid-October, before the peak holiday retail season. The second one is spurred by Lunar New Year in some Asian countries, often in January or February. The global demand is strong during these times, while container capacity can become scarce. That’s why ocean shipping costs are about to set new highs.

peak season lasts from mid-august to mid-october
The peak season typically lasts from mid-August to mid-October. (Credit: JOC)

Let alone there are currently local lockdowns in Asian regions and countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which will probably cause disruptive effects on maritime transport and drive the rates further in the second half of 2021.

2. Why are ocean freight rates soaring dramatically?

With the soaring freight rates, 2021 is truly a challenging year for both exporters and importers because around 80% of all global goods are transported by sea. This great increase has been seen after the outbreak and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Then is the peak holiday shopping season.

Global imbalances post-pandemic

The trade imbalances are the main cause that pushes ocean freight rates up significantly. When the COVID-19 started to rage, production came to a halt. Countries across the globe lockdown and open up at different times. It caused an imbalance between supply and demand for goods. Moreover, shipping companies had to reduce the capacity on major routes. Port delays and closures occurred. It then led to a shortage of return cargo from destination ports and empty containers for export.

port delays and closures cause shortage empty containers
Port delays and closures have caused a shortage of empty containers. (Credit: US News)

During the recovery time, the increase in consumer demand is stronger than expected, particularly in the sectors closely associated with international trade. Competition for ocean freight capacity has also become intense. Which has pushed the ocean freight much higher than the previous year.

The peak holiday shopping season

Currently, to keep up with the burgeoning consumer demand, retailers are hustling to restock their inventory, particularly for the peak holiday shopping season. But with delays and closures in ocean freight, many have to place peak season orders early. It’s all about avoiding congestion and being ‘stuck’ without back-to-school and other seasonal inventories.

As a result of the increased demand, freight costs have climbed on most lanes, with some carriers adding early peak surcharges to the already sky-high shipping rates.

importers place peak season orders avoid congestion
Importers are placing peak season orders for restock early to avoid congestion. (Credit: KPMG)

3. Solutions to soaring ocean freight rates

There is currently no container production in Vietnam. Therefore, in response to this shortage of containers at ports, steel giant Hoa Phat Group plans to set up its first container factory in the southern region. According to VN Express, it is expected to manufacture 500,000 TEU containers annually. This steelmaker will focus on popular container products, with a length of 20-40 feet. Those containers produced by Hoa Phat will be launched on the market at the beginning of Q2 2022.

hoa phat plans manufacture 500000 teu containers annually
Hoa Phat plans to manufacture 500,000 TEU containers annually. (Credit: Hanoitimes)

Besides that, the UNCTAD has come up with several suggestions for policymakers that can help to reduce the repeat occurrence in the future. Specifically, they are:

  1. Advancing trade facilitation reforms;
  2. Improving maritime trade tracking and forecasting;
  3. Strengthening national competition authorities.

First, governments need to make trade easier and less costly by implementing reforms. It is time to modernize trade procedures and minimize physical contact between workers in the shipping industry. Then supply chains would become more resilient and protect employees better during the pandemic.

governments should modernize trade procedures and reduce physical contact
Governments should modernize trade procedures and reduce physical contact. (Credit: UNCTAD)

Second, governments must foster transparency and collaboration throughout the maritime supply chain. Which helps to improve how port calls and liner schedules are monitored.

Last but not least, governments must ensure competition authorities have the resources and expertise to investigate abusive practices in the shipping industry.

Ocean freight rates are driven up by the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and the peak season in 2021. To see how the costs are going upward or downward, FBX Freightos is a reliable source for you to get updated with exact information about global freight costs and logistics news.

home decor trends 2021

Explore Home Decor Trends 2021 / 2022: A Big Focus On Comfort

Comfort is the most important ‘home decor trend’ at the moment, particularly when the pandemic is still getting sophisticated in several regions. With lots of time spent at home, it is truly for living and beyond. More people now started working at home since the pandemic, so they are aware of decorating the home with a focus on comfort. This article will give you specific home decor trends 2021/2022, let’s explore!

1. Basic colors

When it comes to choosing colors, people are mostly preferring neutral, basic and earthy tones because “naturalness” is continuously a big trend until 2021. As we all know, the pandemic still takes an enormous toll across the globe. People are forced to spend much more time at home, so people desire peace and comfort in their living space. Whereas, bright details and intense colors in bedrooms or offices could influence the mood.

neutral palette and natural shades in home decor trends 2021
Many prefer the neutral palette and natural shades bringing a sense of relaxation.

About home decor trends 2021, many prefer the neutral palette and natural shades – bringing a sense of relaxation that people are longing for. These consist of basic colors such as black, white, shades of gray and also many muted and earth tones. The tones offer a calm appearance for the interior.

More specifically, beige is considered to continue its popularity streak in the next season 2021-2022, both in cold and warm shades. That’s also the reason why Dulux, a well-known paint brand, has chosen Brave Ground as the color of the year 2021. And, it will likely be trendy in 2022.

neutral and earthy tones bring calm and inviting touch
Neutral and earthy tones bring a calm and inviting touch to the living space.

Also, micro-trends in colors should be taken into account. A typical example is Pantone Color of the Year 2021 that includes PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating. They are two independent colors which highlight how different elements come together. One is a bright and cheerful yellow that presents positivity while the other highlights resilience and an ability to stand the test of time.

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2. Rounded shapes

When people are prioritizing comfort over others, softness and feminine forms are at their peak today: rounded shapes and curved lines. They lie in not only architectural solutions, but also the choice of furniture and decor.

Though curvy shapes were formed a long time ago, this trend is increasingly popular as home decor trends 2021 and 2022 as well. Strict lines and layouts are softened by furniture without harsh angles.

curvy lines and rounded shapes keep home comfortable
Curvy lines and rounded shapes make homes more inviting & comfortable.
(Source: Pods)

The furniture contains soft items, for example: sofas, chaise lounges and benches. What’s more, other items for homes such as tables, lamps, chairs, stools and poufs should have softened bodies and curvy lines, rather than right angles and a rigid, straight structure.

As regards to home decor, there are several products for decorating the interior such as coffee tables, vases and candlesticks. Their designs that imitate waves, circles and curves offer a softness that is in demand today. Curvy lines and rounded shapes will transform the home into a more inviting and functional space.

3. Minimalism

Minimalism will grow in importance and become trendy for homes in 2021-2022. Due to the pandemic and financial downturn, people start to adopt an essentialist mindset. Many have tried to find a space for calm, and remove old things that are no longer functional when it comes to the wardrobe and also the home.

minimalist vibes and beautiful simplicity
Consumers are driven by a need for minimalist vibes and beautiful simplicity.

Consumers are driven by a need for minimalist vibes and consider beautiful simplicity such as Japandi style for their home. It is key to have minimal decoration and furniture use, that’s about creating the presence of air and free space.

But it’s important that they have an interesting shape that still adds comfort. Otherwise, the design will look incomplete and too simple.

decorate one wall with paintings or other accessories
It’s enough to decorate one wall with paintings or other accessories.
(Source: RISMedia)

The principle of rational consumption underlies the trend. People desire to avoid waste and impulse buying, so it’s not necessary to decorate all the walls. Marking one wall with accents: with paint or with the help of paints and other accessories is enough. According to Trend Bible, archaic markings and alchemist symbols will be prefered in print and pattern this season, especially in pictures or furnishings.

Minimalism is directly linked to color. As we mentioned above, besides basic ones such as black and white, a soothing palette of beige and gray will be well suited in the home for comfort and peace.

4. Inspiration from nature

One of the main trends in the interior of 2021-2022 is nature, here we mean natural materials and textures. Insulation in the home drives us to realize the importance of surrounding ourselves with natural things from decoration to furniture in our home.

There’s a warm and inviting atmosphere about using natural materials and textures throughout the home. These natural products flawlessly fit in and complement the space. They are subtle enough to blend in the decor, but awe-inspiring enough to make the house stunning.

natural materials blend in any decor
Natural materials are subtle to blend in any decor, but awe-inspiring to make a home stunning.

The most popular textures are stone: onyx, marble, granite and wood (especially light-colored wood). The materials can be used in decoration and furniture to become perfect accents. A typical instance is wood paneling on the wall or floor with a natural stone effect.

There are also many other pieces made of natural materials that add visual interest — from various woven baskets, pendant lights, bamboo vases, jute rugs to the solid wood coffee table, and the leather pouf. Textiles will also complement the overall picture: linen and cotton, as well as ceramics.

5. Multi-functional spaces

In uncertain times post-pandemic, the number of people working and studying at home is still on the increase. That’s why they are in need of creating a multi-functional space for daily activities with more flexibility. Paying attention to the alignment of the space is essential. Many combine rooms and transform them into a hall kitchen living-dining room because separate kitchens and living rooms are no longer popular.

multi functional space for daily activities
People need to create a multi-functional space for daily activities with more flexibility.

Pandemic is proving the need to care about functionality and ergonomics. Due to the pandemic and its impacts, restaurants and cafes were all closed; consequently, people had to cook their own food in the house. Aside from a kitchen with a comfortable table for cooking and dining together, people ask for spacious space for entertainment time as well. The house has now become a gym, work space, recreation and hobby area. Most daily activities take place in the living room.

house becomes mutifunctionality
The house has now become a gym, work space, recreation and hobby area.

When we mention home decor trends 2021/2022, even in a combined room, personal privacy always matters. Every family member has their own favorite and needs their own me-time. The need for privacy and separate zones has increased. So basically, we can try some analogs of glass, metal doors, and simple elements in the form of thick curtains.

6. Equipped home office

As a consequence of the pandemic, home offices are obviously more in-demand than ever. When people work for long hours, they cannot just sit at the kitchen table or on the sofa – both are inconvenient as well as do harm to physical and mental health. With the rising popularity of working remotely, it is essential to have a productive and functional space for work and recreation.

productive functional workspace
It is essential to have a productive, functional workspace in the home today.
(Source: Viva NZ)

About home decor trends 2021, equipping a comfortable home office is a top priority. Aside from equipping the space with a small table and comfortable chairs, consider determining the height of the desk. The home offices for great productivity should be well organized and lit with natural lighting from windows or artificial lighting. Try to rearrange the space in the home for the workplace – remember it needs tranquility and privacy, so consider the bedroom or in the living room with good layout, free corners or niches.

the private space in the balcony
The private space in the balcony is a great idea for a home office
(Source: Balcony Decoration).

Options on the balcony are also very ideal. The space is already private, so it will be a good fit for your work, recreation and relaxation time. Make sure that the balcony is not insulated and not glazed. If there is no room at all, a folding table is a good solution. It is, of course, not as functional as a well-equipped separate work place, but it will be a good temporary measure when working remotely.

7. Home garden

The latest home decor trend 2021/2022 is home gardening. As environment-consciousness is growing at the top of mind, more and more householders choose to bring nature into their home.

Besides natural materials, indoor plants will be a practical addition to make the home new and fresh. Moreover, most feel much more comfortable in a space with indoor plants, especially during the period of isolation. When we are not exposed to greenery and fresh air outside due to the pandemic, indoor plants are of huge importance. Taking care of indoor plants also can be a hobby for many people nowadays.

indoor plants will be practical addition
Indoor plants will be a practical addition to make the home new and fresh
(Source: Modsy).

But it seems not so easy to implement this trend because, first of all, the plants need a lot of attention and care. Kindly consider: pick up non-capricious specimens such as sansevieria, monstera or ficus elastica. Also, remember that the abundance of plants is not always beautiful as the home will become a greenhouse.

Kindly choose suitable plant pots (in terms of shapes, sizes and materials) for the homes and different spots for placing indoor plants. It is also important to analyze the place itself: lighting in winter and summer, humidity and traffic.

Above are 7 main home decor trends that you as retailers, wholesalers or consumers can consider to better prepare for new product development or product launch. We do hope the information about home decor trends 2021-2022 will be of some help to you.

Source: Interior Decor Trend

curvy lines and rounded shapes keep home comfortable

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how to preserve wicker baskets

Care Guidelines For Your Business: How To Preserve Wicker Baskets

Durable & sustainable, wholesale wicker baskets bring both function and style to your customers’ homes. With natural characteristics, woven baskets require special care — that’s to maintain high quality and aesthetics, even when in your warehouse. Let’s discover how to preserve wicker baskets properly!

1. Features of natural materials for woven baskets

It’s easy to notice that dried natural fibres used for baskets are more sensitive to moisture. So wholesale baskets woven from natural fibres can get moldy. It happens much easier in the weather with high humidity.

Natural fibres used for woven baskets are more sensitive to moisture
Natural fibres used for woven baskets are more sensitive to moisture.

Most natural materials have soft, flexible and sturdy features — ideally used for woven baskets. But their quality would be affected if those fibres aren’t processed well, or you don’t care for baskets properly. Here are several DON’T guides you can follow:

  • Don’t soak wicker baskets in water. It will cause the swellings and color fading of natural fibres.
  • Don’t let wicker baskets expose to strong sunlight. High temperature easily makes natural fibres get brittle, break and change colors.
  • Don’t use strong detergents and hard brushes for cleaning, which will affect the quality of woven baskets.

2. How to preserve wicker baskets in your warehouse

In your warehouse, wholesale woven baskets should be looked after carefully. From the view from manufacturers, we’d like to give you specific care guidelines for your wholesale wicker baskets made from natural materials. That can help you ensure product quality significantly.

2.1 Where to place wicker baskets in your warehouse

  • Put wicker baskets on shelving units in a dry, cool environment — consider using warehouse dehumidifiers to control humidity.
  • Avoid storing baskets in sealed plastic bags and wet areas such as: on floors, against walls or near air conditioners.
  • Keep baskets away from fire and heat sources such as direct sunlight for so long.
How to preserve wicker baskets? They need to be placed on shelving units in a dry, cool environment
Wicker baskets need to be placed on shelving units in a dry, cool environment.

2.2 How to clean wicker baskets properly

  • If wicker baskets get wet
  1. Avoid making wicker baskets deformed.
  2. Let wicker baskets air dry in the mild sunlight.
  3. Only move baskets back to your warehouse when completely dry, having a natural smell.
  • If wicker baskets get dusty, stains or mold
  1. Clean wicker baskets with a slightly damp 100% cotton cloth or a soft brush.
  2. Leave wicker baskets in the mild sunlight, or use a hair dryer (small mode) until they are completely dry.
  • In case of stubborn stains
  1. Mix one to two drops of dishwashing liquid in a large bowl of water.
  2. Lightly damp a soft toothbrush with a little soapy water, then gently scrub deep stains.
  3. Air dry wicker baskets in the mild sunlight, and place them back inside when completely dry.
The sunlight not only dries natural fibres, but also kills mold on baskets
The sunlight not only dries natural fibres, but also kills mold on baskets.

Caring for woven baskets is not so complex. But with proper guidelines, you will find it easier to maintain the quality of natural wicker baskets in your warehouse. Should you be looking for wholesale woven baskets for your business, find out diverse designs made from Vietnam here!

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3 Things You Should Know To Buy Wholesale Seagrass Baskets From Vietnam

3 Things You Should Know To Buy Wholesale Seagrass Baskets From Vietnam

Wholesale seagrass baskets have been exported for a couple of years. Therefore, seagrass may not be unfamiliar to you and your business. But have you got to know clearly its material, quality, and how to work with trusted suppliers effectively? Here is helpful information for you to better purchase seagrass baskets wholesale from Vietnam!

1. Seagrass material

Seagrass grows naturally in Southeast Asian salty coastal soils. In Vietnam, the natural fibres thrive most in Thai Binh and Thanh Hoa provinces. Nga Son district (Thanh Hoa province) is known for the highest-quality seagrass and largest areas. Seagrass there has superb durability and silky, soft nature — making it most favored for making woven baskets.

Nga Son is known for best-quality seagrass & largest areas
Nga Son is known for best-quality seagrass & largest areas (Source: smithsonianmag)

Seagrass weaving styles

Vietnamese weavers apply different techniques to turn seagrass to finished wholesale seagrass baskets. You can find out 5 popular weaving styles applied on natural baskets; specifically, they are split seagrass, coiled seagrass, twisted seagrass, braided seagrass, and pressed seagrass.

5 popular seagrass weaving styles for wholesale storage baskets
5 popular seagrass weaving styles for wholesale storage baskets

Seagrass material cost

In Northern Vietnam, natural seagrass has lower material cost than other materials such as water hyacinth and rattan. If you’re looking for alternatives, kindly consider seagrass for wholesale storage baskets — reasonable prices yet high quality!

The costs are also different among seagrass weaving styles. Normally, the highest one is coiled seagrass while the pressed seagrass has the lowest cost.

In Northern Vietnam, seagrass has lower costs than rattan and water hyacinth.
In Northern Vietnam, seagrass has lower costs than rattan and water hyacinth.

2. Wholesale seagrass baskets’ quality

Strong, stylish and sustainable — that’s how we would describe wholesale seagrass baskets. Water hyacinth brings a spongy, soft texture to baskets while rattan presents strong, solid features. Different from water hyacinth and rattan, seagrass delivers a high level of durability for long-time storage.

Wholesale seagrass baskets are surely safe for both you and your customers. That’s because this material is split and then sun-dried with no chemical uses. Also, they often remain a natural color and smell. After the production, seagrass baskets will go through the cleaning and drying process in factories.

Wholesale seagrass baskets can hold and carry up to 25 kg.
Wholesale seagrass baskets can hold and carry up to 25 kg.

3. What to know when you buy wholesale seagrass baskets

3.1. Find & verify seagrass basket manufacturers

Seagrass grows well in Southeast Asia, so you should look for suppliers or manufacturers based in this region. Typical countries famous for high-quality seagrass are Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Vietnam has a variety of manufacturers that specialize in wholesale seagrass baskets. Most are located in Northern and Central Vietnam. They are often focused on producing both baskets and home decor products made from seagrass and other fibres.

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Vietnam has various manufacturers specializing in wholesale seagrass baskets.
Vietnam has various manufacturers specializing in wholesale seagrass baskets.

3.2. Choose the right time to order from Vietnam

Seagrass can be affected by constant heavy rain in flood seasons (often from October to December, in Central Vietnam). It makes seagrass get rotten or of bad quality. That’s the reason behind a shortage of these fibres during these months.

It really matters to pick the right time to order wholesale seagrass baskets from Vietnam. The right order time enables you to get better prices (thanks to lower seagrass costs), shorter production time and more convenient delivery as well.

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3.3. Quotations & samples from wholesale seagrass basket suppliers

Many factories have to outsource dried seagrass and other accessories for production. Also, basket prices depend much on material cost. So kindly remember that Vietnamese suppliers often need a few days to calculate before updating you on the exact price quotations.

Factories often outsource dried seagrass and other accessories for production.
Factories often outsource dried seagrass and other accessories for production.

When it comes to making samples for seagrass baskets, lead time for each weaving style is also not the same. Let us give you some specific details!

  • Pressed seagrass baskets such as foldable belly baskets (natural color) have the shortest lead time.
  • Coiled seagrass baskets with plastic threads (handmade by artisans) take the longest time than other weaving styles.

The lead time for wholesale seagrass baskets depends on their shapes, sizes, and designs as well. About designs, baskets with metal frames require a longer production time.

From our view, it is essential for you – as a buyer – to gain specific information about seagrass material, basket quality and should-know things about Vietnamese suppliers. Hopefully, you can get a better purchasing experience when you import wholesale seagrass baskets from Vietnam.

tips find trusted wholesale home decor suppliers vietnam

Tips To Find Trusted Wholesale Home Decor Suppliers From Vietnam

Are you looking for wholesale home decor suppliers in Vietnam? Do you struggle to find trusted ones for long-term partnership? In this article, we can help you out with detailed guides about where and how you can find reliable Vietnamese home decor manufacturers.

1. Why you should buy wholesale home decor from Vietnam suppliers

In recent years, Vietnam is the second-largest exporter of home decor products to the U.S and European markets, just behind China. And benefiting from the US – China trade war, Vietnam is considered as a promising manufacturing destination for global businesses.

Labor costs in Vietnam are lower than those in China and other developing countries such as Thailand and the Philippines. Also, with traditional handicraft and an increasing population annually, Vietnam gets young, highly skilled workforces for high production volume of home decor.

inexpensive young skilled workforces
Vietnam gets inexpensive, young, skilled workforces for high production volume.

Vietnam is well known for a variety of natural materials throughout the country. So, it is not hard for you to find suitable natural fibres for manufacturing natural home decor products from bamboo, seagrass, water hyacinth to rattan, jute, palm leaf and so on.

2. Where to find wholesale home decor suppliers

2.1. Online B2B marketplaces


online b2b marketplaces alibaba

Despite its main focus on China suppliers, Alibaba is still a B2B marketplace with many Vietnamese suppliers in diverse ranges, especially the home decor category. Therefore, finding a wholesale home decor supplier on Alibaba is quite easy. Just start with “Supplier by Regions”, then choose Vietnam and then select the “Home & Garden” category!

Global Sources

Similar to Alibaba, Global Sources has databases with most China suppliers, but you will still find a variety Vietnamese suppliers on this website. For the home decor category, choose “Home Products” and “Supplier List”, also with “Vietnam” by country to see more Vietnamese suppliers specializing in home decor products!

online b2b marketplaces global sources

2.2. Directories

Vietnam Handicraft Exporter Association

Vietnam Handicraft Exporters Association (VIETCRAFT) is the representative organization of all handicraft, home décor, home textile and gift manufacturers and exporters in Vietnam. Choose “Handicrafts and Home Decoration” in the “Find by product sector” to explore a list of wholesale home decor suppliers in Vietnam!

vietnam handicraft exporter association


As an official business information channel, Vietnam Export Portal (VIETNAMEXPORT) offers information about verified exporters in different categories. That means it enables you to look for reliable Vietnam-based suppliers in the home decor category. Let’s click on “Verified Exporters”, then select “Handicraft” for further specific information of these suppliers!


Vietnam Yellow Pages

Another resource is Vietnam Yellow Pages – the largest trading channel where you can find quality manufacturers and suppliers based in Vietnam. If you are looking for wholesale home decor suppliers or manufacturers in Vietnam, visit the website and then choose “Vietnam Handicraft” for the list of reliable ones!

vietnam yellow pages

Global Manufacturers

Global Manufacturers is a wholesale trade platform for both global buyers and suppliers for over 13 years. This platform provides you with a list of various Vietnamese suppliers in different categories that include home decor. To find home decor suppliers or manufacturers for your business, choose “Vietnam” by country and “Home & Garden” by category!

2.3. Google keywords

It doesn’t sound viable, but Google can give you great help when it comes to searching for trusted wholesale home decor suppliers in Vietnam. How will we make full use of Google? Try several long-tail keywords – and they will be able to show direct results for your needs!

Here are some of our suggestions:

  • wholesale home decor suppliers Vietnam
  • wholesale home decor manufacturers Vietnam
  • wholesale home decor vendors Vietnam
  • home decor wholesale suppliers Vietnam
  • home decor manufacturers Vietnam
google keywords
Use long-tail keywords when searching for wholesale suppliers in Vietnam.

2.4. Tradeshows

If possible, we suggest participating in trade shows and fairs specialized in wholesale homeware, home storage, home decor products. These will give you great opportunities to get to know many Vietnamese wholesale home decor suppliers, see their products in person and easily evaluate quality as well. Let’s check out several exhibitions or fairs that you can attend!

  • Lifestyle Vietnam
  • Hanoi Gift Show
  • Mega Show Hong Kong
  • New York NOW
  • Ambiente Frankfurt
Discover local home decor manufacturers at Lifestyle Vietnam (Source: Baodautu).

2.5. Referrals

If you have friends or colleagues who already worked in the category, don’t hesitate to ask them for more information about trusted suppliers!

Particularly, they communicated with suppliers’ Sales Representatives, received quotations and placed orders. So basically, it means they can give you direct feedback from those suppliers’ product quality, prices and services for your reference.

3. How to evaluate Vietnamese wholesale home decor suppliers

When finding new suppliers, it is of great importance for you to evaluate properly before reaching any business decision. In the home decor category, we have some suggestions that you can give a try to value a wholesale supplier or manufacturer. Discover now!

3.1. Check suppliers’ website

Website is one of their main online channels that you can easily access to Vietnamese wholesale home decor suppliers. After getting the website URL, consider contact information, product page and also check the age of the website domain as well!

check suppliers website
Not all experienced manufacturers and suppliers in Vietnam have a good website.

Please keep in mind that not all experienced manufacturers or suppliers in Vietnam have a good website. Many of them have worked in the field for decades, but not invested in their website yet.

3.2. Evaluate product portfolio

Aside from looking at the product pages on their website, you should ask for catalogues from wholesale home decor suppliers. It is an easy way to assess their design and manufacturing expertise – an important factor to consider carefully when finding new suppliers.

3.3. Check certificates

Find information about suppliers’ certificates on their website, or ask them directly about their certificates such as BSCI, ISO 9001, CTPAT. It is about verifying suppliers’ performance from manufacturing technology, factory equipment, to production capacity. Also, you can make sure products are made by skilled workforces in safe, healthy working conditions.

check certificates
Verify suppliers by their certificates such as BSCI, ISO 9001 and C-TPAT.

3.4. Directly contact with suppliers

We highly suggest you should directly contact suppliers, ask about MOQ, lead time, working process and request for quotation, samples. In particular, sampling is very helpful for your business to evaluate product quality before reaching decisions. What’s more, you will be able to access their communication style, attitude, and support service as well.

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Looking for new wholesale home decor suppliers in Vietnam is not hard, but it can get easier if you try some tips about where to find and how to evaluate suppliers. That not only helps you accelerate the process but also reach out to trusted suppliers with specialist expertise.

reason buy wholesale storage baskets natural materials

Reasons To Buy Wholesale Storage Baskets Made From Natural Materials

In recent years, the market for storage baskets is growing. The growth for storage basket markets is driven by consumers’ concern about wellness and their interest in sustainability. That’s why the demand for storage baskets made from natural materials is increasingly strong. Let’s discover the potentials for buying natural wholesale storage baskets!

1. Product description

1.1. Function

Baskets with natural materials function well as an effective storage solution. Whether it’s the office or any room in the home, eco-friendly storage baskets are suitable to store the essentials and keep the space organized.

natural fibers storage baskets
Storage baskets made from natural fibers add natural vibes to the living space

Besides storage purposes, baskets add a decorative accent into the interior. Made from natural fibers, those baskets give a natural feel and easily fit into any existing decor style.

1.2. Material

Wholesale storage baskets can be woven from a variety of natural materials. Typical fibers which can be listed are rattan, water hyacinth, bamboo, seagrass, paper, wood, cotton, corn husks, cane, banana leaf, palm leaf and so on.

Particularly, local manufacturers often combine natural fibers with other materials such as metal, wood and recycled plastics to make storage baskets more durable.

natural storage baskets with strong structures
Natural fibers are combined with metal frames to create strong structures for baskets

1.3. Design

Using natural materials, storage baskets still vary in many colors, weaving styles, shapes, structures and dimensions. Commonly, wholesale storage baskets should come in several basic shapes (round, rectangular, square) to maximize storage space for many items in the home. 

Due to the limited living space, many householders prefer nesting, stackable, collapsible and flat-pack designs that are easily stored when not in use (CBI-EU, 2021). These designs also will allow you to gain lower shipping costs for your business.

storage baskets with collapsible designs
Collapsible designs, easily stored when not in use, are gaining in popularity.

1.4. Durability

Natural materials are gaining in popularity for wholesale storage baskets since these wild fibers deliver great durability for daily uses. However, as natural materials are not water-resistant, cleaning natural storage baskets is harder than those made of artificial fibers.

>>> Discover more Storage baskets made from natural materials

2. Why choose natural wholesale storage baskets to sell?

2.1. Current demand

european imports basketry
Most natural baskets that EU imports are produced in developing countries

The market for baskets has grown steadily in recent years. According to CBI-EU, European imports of wholesale storage baskets rose from €467 million to €552 million between 2015 and 2019, with an average yearly growth of 4.3%. Importantly, about 80% of the basketry that Europe imports is made from natural materials.

Currently, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic, the demands for storage products are still on the increase because people are spending more time at home (HomeWorld Business®, 2020). Let’s dive into specific trends offering opportunities for natural storage baskets!

2.2. Trends that offer opportunities for natural storage baskets

2.2.1. Wellness

Due to increasing urbanisation, ageing populations and the COVID-19 crisis, consumers are more aware of improving their physical and mental health. They are more focused on maintaining a tidy home with storage baskets, enabling them to de-stress and relax.

storage baskets interior space
Consumers are more aware of improving their physical and mental health.

As they put their priority on their mental and physical wellness, consumers increasingly prefer maintaining connection with nature. That’s why they want to bring natural materials and natural colors into their homes.

2.2.2. Sustainability

With the impacts of COVID-19, the sustainability trend continues to grow and shape how people consume. More and more people are striving towards a better world and trying to produce less waste into the environment. Renewable natural materials is mainly prefered for their homeware products that include storage baskets. Therefore, making baskets from natural fibers with a proper production process allows baskets to be environmentally and socially sustainable.

natural materials for storage baskets wholesale
Renewable natural materials is prefered for storage baskets

Natural materials can be woven into many styles, shapes and size of storage baskets no matter their purposes. They are non-toxic, durable and diverse in neutral color variations, fitting in consumers’ interest in sustainability and wellness. This actively promotes the impressive market growth for storage baskets made from natural materials.

the neutral accents 2021 homeware collection 01

The Neutral Accents – 2021 Homeware Collection brings calm to homes

In today’s modern, fast-paced world, people get overwhelmed and stressed easily. The home is a place to de-stress, relax and feel comfortable. In uncertain times, people put focus on the home, find peace in simplicity from natural materials and neutral, earthy tones (Trend Bible, 2021).

We’re excited to introduce you to our newest homeware collection The Neutral Accents 2021 with new color trends, which will benefit both your business and your customers.

neutral accents new color trends

Neutral colors

neutral colors give calmness homes
Our products give calmness to homes with neutral color variations.

Our homeware products are carefully crafted from natural fibers that were dried by our artisans. That’s why they have neutral color variations and give a warm, calm feel to homes. In addition, when it comes to neutral colors, they can fit perfectly into any décor and existing textures.

Original designs

Here comes our distinctive products that were originally designed by our R&D team. We make full use of trend research, manufacturing knowledge and customer feedback in product design and development. Particularly, our new collection is based on customer insights, so we ensure that these products cater to the market demands.

original designs by artex
The Neutral Accents products are thoughtfully designed by our R&D team.

Cost-effective solutions

In our new collection, we take full advantage of our manufacturing strengths and focused materials. Therefore, we are committed to shorter production time and value-driven prices for your orders. Especially with foldable designs, our products also enable you to greatly reduce shipping costs.

cost effective solutions
We ensure shorter lead time, reasonable prices & lower shipping costs.

If you are also looking for new vibes of homewares, let’s give a try to our new collection The Neutral Accents 2021 to discover interior color trends in 2021 and distinctive products to your brand!

best time order eco-friendly products wholesale 01

The Best Time To Order Eco-friendly Products Wholesale From Vietnam

Have you experienced buying eco-friendly products wholesale yet? It is essential to get updated on the best time to order that helps you scale up. This article will give you specific information about when to buy eco-friendly products in bulk from Vietnam based on our exporting experience. Let’s find it out now!

The best time you should buy eco-friendly products wholesale

According to our expert Production team and eco-friendly suppliers from Vietnam, it is highly recommended that your order should go into mass production between April and August.
So it means that you should start to find eco-friendly products and reliable suppliers at least two months before mass production (from February to June). Also, please be noted that the quotation and sampling process may often take more than one month.

best time buy eco products wholesale
Mass production of your orders should be started between April and August.

The importance of knowing the right time to order

Knowing the right time to order really matters because it will enable you to gain maximum benefits for your business. Specifically, how can you benefit from this time?

Lower material costs

In Vietnam, there is almost no serious shortage of natural materials (seagrass, water hyacinth, rattan, bamboo) between April and August. Bad weather and floods are main factors that do harm to natural materials, which often occurs from October to December. That causes a significant rise in material cost.

natural water hyacinth
Natural water hyacinth can be affected by floods in Vietnam (Photo: VnExpress)

To be specific, water hyacinth is one of the fastest-growing plants, covering natural freshwater surfaces. In October 2020, severe floods in Central Vietnam led to a serious shortage of this material because the polluted water caused a number of water hyacinths to be dead or of bad quality.

Another case is seagrass, growing in several Northern provinces of Vietnam. In the harvest period in October, seagrass sometimes can be flooded with water and get rotten. That pushes up its cost very high due to its lack of material for producing eco-friendly products.

Shorter production time

Between April and August, the production runs quite smoothly, leading to a shorter production time than other months.

From September to March, many factories often operate at the maximum capacity because there are many big orders placed by large global buyers. Therefore, the production for eco-friendly products in large quantities can be in slow progress and take a much longer time.

shorter production time
Many factories often operate at the maximum capacity from September to March.

In Vietnam, the peak season is often 1 month before and after our Lunar New Year (Tet Holiday). After celebrating our Tet holiday, the craftspeople normally spend the whole first month on their seasonal farming. It means the production of eco products is temporarily halted until the weavers are back to work at the factory.

Better delivery with lower cost

The delivery time is invariably longer in the fourth quarter and the first quarter of next year. Particularly, the demand for transportation services increases greatly during Christmas, which results in congestion or shipment delays.

shipment delays occur at year-end
Congestion or shipment delays often occur at year-end (Photo: Vietnam News)

The shipping cost is really high now due to the negative impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. However, it can be getting much more expensive during high seasons such as Christmas and New Year.


Natural materials and homeware ordering processes may be influenced by many factors. From the view of experienced manufacturers in Vietnam, the best time to buy eco-friendly products wholesale (in bulk) is between April and August to benefit your business most.

five seagrass weaving styles

5 Seagrass Weaving Styles For Eco-friendly Storage Baskets

The tradition of weaving in Vietnam dated back hundreds of years. Our local weavers, as known as artisans, have continuously developed many weaving styles with natural seagrass to create eco-friendly woven baskets that are both functional and stylish. This article will focus on five seagrass weaving styles from our Vietnamese skilled artisans. Now let’s dive in and discover each style in detail!

coiling seagrass fibers with green plastic string
Mrs.Tích is coiling seagrass fibers with a green plastic string, using the frame.

1. Coiled seagrass

This seagrass weaving style is normally known as “Cói xiên” (/koi sien/) in Vietnam, either made by hand or with a machine. So how can we make coiled seagrass baskets? To be more specific, here is the weaving process: After harvesting and processing seagrass properly, our artisans start to split seagrass into thin fibers. Once selected, the beautiful long seagrass fibers will be coiled with recycled plastic strings in a wooden frame (half-round shape). 

coiled seagrass weaving style
Coiled seagrass offers the sturdiest structure for baskets in comparison with other types. 

Coiling with seagrass is the way our local weavers make patterns on each basket, for example floral and geometric patterns.

The coiling technique is also commonly applied by our local artisans in Vietnam because it offers the sturdiest structure for baskets in comparison with other types. Coiled seagrass baskets even keep good shape when they carry heavy items inside for a long time. That’s why it can function as seagrass laundry baskets, storage bins and baby moses baskets. 

baskets with coiled seagrass weaving style
Natural seagrass fibers are coiled around to form functional and aesthetic baskets. 

2. Twisted seagrass

Twisted seagrass, “cói se” (/koi se/) in Vietnam, is a material created either by hand or with a machine. At first, once split, seagrass fibers are twisted to become a cohesive string (as known as a twisted seagrass string). In order to create finished baskets, our artisans either wrap these strings around steel frames or weave these strings with each other.

twisted seagrass weaving style
A closer view to twisted seagrass strings in our Tan Tien factory.

Our artisans often combine seagrass with steel frames to deliver a high level of sturdiness for baskets, turning them into practical storage additions to the living space. Besides, without metal, seagrass baskets are still strong and durable for diverse uses for household essentials from small odds-and-ends, toys to clothes. Can it look more colorful? Definitely yes, our artisans often dye or paint on each basket to add bohemian style to it.

baskets with twisted seagrass weaving style
A combination of steel frames and twisted seagrass after being dyed.

>>> Discover more about Seagrass baskets: Back to basics 2021 – Home storage & Organization Collection

3. Split seagrass

Can you guess what “split seagrass” (“Cói chẻ” (/koi che/) in Vietnam) means? As we already mentioned above, once dried and processed, seagrass is often split into long thin fibers by machines to ensure consistency. Our artisans weave seagrass fibers neatly around a frame to give a better shape for products. 

split seagrass weaving style
Our local artisan is making open weave storage baskets with split seagrass fibers.

Regarding split seagrass baskets, they are soft but super strong for storage purposes in any room from living room, bedroom, laundry to kitchen. The quality can be assured thanks to the seagrass’s characteristics: durable. However, it is true that the shape of these baskets may be easily deformed if put inside with heavy things or used for a long time.

Similar to twisted seagrass, split seagrass fibers can be dyed with colors before being woven into a finished item to make storage baskets stylish and charming. Let’s see split seagrass baskets with many sorts of colors, sizes and shapes below! 

baskets with split seagrass weaving style
Soft and durable, split seagrass baskets are ideal for storage of household essentials.

4. Pressed seagrass

Another seagrass weaving style is “Cói dập” (/koi zap/) in Vietnam, which is called pressed or flat seagrass. As you might know, many belly baskets are made from pressed seagrass fibers. Do you wonder how pressed seagrass is made? Seagrass fibers are pressed to become soft and flat as well, then our local artisans will weave these fibers together, commonly by hand without using a mold.

One of our artisans is weaving pressed seagrass to make belly baskets.

Pressed seagrass is mostly utilized for making storage belly baskets with different sizes from small to large. Impressively, soft belly baskets can be folded in half for extra convenience for your customers when not in use.

Soft and flat, belly baskets are easily decorated based upon customers’ preference. We commonly see belly baskets in the natural color of seagrass with some attached pom-pom and leather handles. That’s not all! Our artisans also dye seagrass fibers before weaving them into baskets, or directly paint or draw patterns by hand to make an appealing belly basket.

baskets with pressed seagrass weaving style
Our skilled artisans turn pressed seagrass into beautiful designs for storage and home decor.

5. Braided seagrass 

Last but not least, here comes the last seagrass weaving style – Braided seagrass, also known as – “Cói dóc” (/koi zok/) in Vietnamese! Now, come and see how we make storage baskets from braided seagrass material.

Firstly, after being split, seagrass fibers are braided into a long cohesive string. Then, these braided strings will be wrapped around steel frames and sewn neatly to form storage baskets. Braided strings are so durable and rustic that these baskets best serve for storage in the houses, no matter what your customers put into.

braided seagrass weaving style
Can you distinguish braided seagrass and twisted seagrass? (Photo: The Basket Maker’s Catalog)

Braided seagrass is either painted or dyed with other colors to make finished products more striking. Like other seagrass baskets, those made of braided seagrass are also designed with built-in or leather handles for ease of use and decorative purposes. 

The creativity doesn’t stop there. Our local artisans can add flowers and decorative patterns that give baskets a natural yet charming accent in the interior space. Let’s take a look at several exquisite braided seagrass baskets and their natural vibes!

baskets with braided seagrass weaving style
Braided seagrass is used for producing storage baskets which are durable and sleek.

If you are looking for more eco-products made from seagrass, particularly seagrass baskets, just feel free to access our 2021 Homeware Selectionhere!

Now it’s time for you to explore how each seagrass weaving style matches any decor and any space!

each seagrass weaving style match spaces
each seagrass weaving style match spaces 01
each seagrass weaving style match spaces 02
each seagrass weaving style match spaces 03
artisan creates baskets with seagrass weaving style
Back to Basic - 2021 Home storage & decor collection from Artex Nam An

Back to basic – 2021 trendy home decor & organization

As the COVID-19 crisis still drags on, consumers focus primarily on health and well-being, thus spend more time on domestic activities such as cooking and home improvement, according to McKinsey (2020). As a result, intent to purchase home storage items post-COVID-19 has strengthened significantly.

Based on the in-depth market research, we translate insights into products that meet your consumers’ needs and help your business thrive in the time of uncertainty. Here comes Back to basic – Efficient solutions for home storage and decoration in 2021. Let’s check out our newest collection! 

Sustainable, Blog Blog Blog made of Blog
Back to basic – Efficient solutions for home storage & decoration in 2021


As a global priority in recent years, sustainability is more likely to be a big factor of purchase decisions during post-pandemic. Instead of consuming less, consumers consume more responsibly for ‘green’ products made of natural materials.

For the new collection, we utilize natural materials - seagrass & water hyacinth towards sustainability.
We utilize seagrass & water hyacinth for our collection towards sustainability.

Understanding consumer trends, we utilize natural materials – seagrass & water hyacinth for our newest collection. These natural materials are fast-growing throughout Vietnam without the use of toxic substances in both planting and production process. Seagrass and water hyacinth are also 100% renewable and biodegradable, so our baskets ensures no harm to the environment. What’s more, our eco-friendly products can be reused, recycled and upcycled.


Sturdiness is a key factor that drives your customers to buy storage products. That’s why we create the unique combination of many materials for our collection – Back to basic. You might wonder, why can this combination bring sturdiness to each basket?

The unique combination of many materials give a high level of sturdiness to our storage baskets of Back to Basics.
The unique combination of materials give a high level of sturdiness to our storage baskets.

Here it is! Two durable materials – seagrass & water hyacinth are carefully woven over a solid frame in basic shapes. Thus, this combination creates well-constructed baskets that ideally store heavy items in perfect safety and suit long-term uses.


Shared living is an international trend on the rise due to expensive housing prices and rapid urbanisation. With the limited living space, consumer demand for home storage continues to grow rapidly, along with a preference for multi-purpose, convenient furniture products. 

Back to basic includes over 50 designs with two product lines: Basic & Rustic that put functionality and convenience at their core. 

2021 Home storage & decor collection Back to Basic brings both style and function to the house.
Basic and Rustic items add style and functions to the living space for your customers.

Let’s take a look! Basic items brings simple yet elegant vibes that fit into any interior décor while Rustic items create a rustic charm to the houses with the unique coiling style. With two lines, our new collection will easily suit your customers’ choices to decorate their home.

Our storage baskets are also effective solutions to your customers. With basic shapes, the baskets keep the household items inside to make rooms highly organized. Added to this, strong handles will give ease of use and portability so that consumers can carry baskets room-to-room. Made of natural materials, our lightweight storage items cause no harm to your customers.

Back to basic - Storage baskets made of natural materials ensure no harm to the well-being.
Natural materials make baskets lightweight and ensure no harm to the well-being.


Why can we bringing cost-effective solutions to your business with Back to basic? With this new collection, we applied modern technology in our manufacturing process and the specialist skills of our experienced local artisans. Thus, we can implement production management better, then ensure product consistency in the long term.

Added to this, you can get our creatively crafted products at higher quality in comparison with others in the same price range.

Back to Basic - 2021 trendy collection of home storage and decoration products made of seagrass and water hyacinth from Vietnam
We are dedicated to bringing cost-effective solutions to your business with Back to basic.

Now, let’s go into details and figure out Back to basic– our new collection of home storage & decoration to see what can bring uniqueness to your brand!

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