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3 Helpful Things You Should Know To Buy Wholesale Seagrass Baskets From Vietnam

Wholesale seagrass baskets are growing in popularity across the globe. It’s because sustainability is going top of priority of consumers, so natural fibers are preferred. This article will serve as a guideline about how to source seagrass baskets from Vietnam. Get started now!

Seagrass For Production

Seagrass (or sedge) is a pliable plant that grows naturally in South-East Asian coastal areas. For making woven baskets, we mainly use cultivated seagrass from field areas which have previously been flooded by the sea.

Nga Son is known for best-quality seagrass & largest areas
Natural seagrass field in Nga Son, Thanh Hoa—the area famous for best-quality seagrass & largest areas (Source: smithsonianmag)

Seagrass characteristics

Once harvested and dried, seagrass looks smooth, silky, quite soft and has a light brown color. Seagrass is known for its great plasticity and durability—making it most favorite for producing baskets.

Seagrass, like other natural fibers, is very hygroscopic (able to absorb water well). Thus, the baskets need to be stored under dry, cool conditions. For exportation, the required moisture content of seagrass baskets ranges from 18% to 22%.

Coloring & weaving styles

Wholesale seagrass products can be decorated by either dyeing or painting. About dyeing, seagrass is more suitable with dark colors, and they might fade over time. Meanwhile, seagrass can be painted with various colors; however, paints on seagrass can peel off quite easily.

Vietnamese weavers also apply different techniques of weaving into the production process. Here are 6 popular seagrass weaving styles for baskets as well as other home products.

6 seagrass weaving styles for wholesale seagrass baskets made in Vietnam
6 popular seagrass weaving styles for wholesale storage baskets

Seagrass material cost

In Northern & Central Vietnam, seagrass has lower material cost than other materials (water hyacinth, rattan). That’s because these areas have the largest seagrass production capacity. If your customers prefer wholesale woven baskets, kindly consider seagrass — reasonable prices and high quality!

The costs are different among seagrass weaving styles. Normally, the highest one is Coiled seagrass & Wrapped seagrass while Split seagrass has the lowest cost.

In Northern Vietnam, seagrass has lower costs than rattan and water hyacinth.
In Northern & Central Vietnam, seagrass is sourced at the lower costs than rattan and water hyacinth.

Wholesale Seagrass Baskets’ Quality

Are wholesale seagrass baskets safe? 

→ Yes, seagrass baskets are surely safe for both consumers & the environment. Seagrass is fast-growing, sustainable and biodegradable. Also, there are almost no chemical uses in the production process. The use of gluing is required to make some kinds of baskets well-shaped and mold-free, and this glue is totally safe for consumers’ uses. 

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Are wholesale seagrass baskets waterproof & weather resistant? 

→ No. For indoor uses only. Not given enough protection from water, seagrass baskets will lose their shape and develop mold. In c